Otterbox Defender Series Rugged Case for iPhone 6S Plus Review

The protection of smartphones is always important especially for the people that are engaged in sport and frequent journeys. When it comes to the iPhones, the protection of it becomes one of the primary factors to consider. For this, there are numerous Rugged cases and covers out there which are tagged as the beasts for completely protecting your devices from any external disturbances. But the bitter truth is that most of them failing to provide the required protection to the costly iPhones. Most of the times you will end up in some serious damages to your lovely iPhone.

But this time, we found an excellent product from the Otterbox. To be exact, the Otterbox Defender Series Rugged case for iPhone 6S Plus. At the first look itself, the case is a beast with a heavy design exhibiting the extreme toughness. Not only from the back but on the front also, the case is well attached to the iPhone with bulged sides. So, your device will be unharmed even if you drop it by facing the screen to the ground. Only the case body will touch the floor, and the iPhone remains unharmed.

The Otterbox Defender Series Rugged cases are coming in a different color, and design variants all are tough enough to provide easiness in handling your device during your tough sport or journeys. One thing we noticed unique in this product is the detachable parts. It can be split into 3 different layers. One rubber like smooth but tough material on the outermost part covering the toughest polycarbonate plastic shell material on the inner portion. The third layer of protection is the tough glass which can be placed above the screen for scratch resistance. From our tests, it is not just a scratch protection but even can defend rocks on accidental dropping.

Now, that’s enough for an introduction and let’s have a detailed, in-depth look at the most features of the case that we found interesting.

Otterbox Defender Series Rugged Case Design

Tough Design

This case has one of the best ever protections for your iPhone 6s Plus. Otterbox has a strong root in the rugged case industry, and they have already released numerous popular products for taking care of the favorite devices. In the case of this one too, nothing changed, and it is a little beast to protect the iPhone from any external pressures. We tested the product to the extreme by sitting on it, making steps on it and even throwing it with little pressure. Thanks to the Otterbox for not breaking my iPhone.

Otterbox Defender Series Different layers of protection

Different Layers of Protection

The protection of the case is not limited to a single hard material. Besides the polycarbonate plastic material that provides most of its toughness, it has a rubber like material on the outer part that acts as a pressure absorber. For example, if you drop the product to the ground, the chance of damage is very high when there is only the plastic casing. So, the rubber absorbs the pressure by considerably reducing the impact of the drop. In addition, the company also provided an extra glass on the front which has good toughness but never disturbs the touch functionality.

Protection From All Sides

Protection From All Sides

Protection means the complete guarding the device. Either you drop it by facing the phone’s back to the ground or the front, it has the protection from both the sides. The rubber is covered the whole backside leaving the Apple logo and the camera as well as the front sides. As you can see in the product images, the layer is going through the edges of the iPhone that bulges out on the front. The direct impact will only reach the protection glass after passing the rubber coverage. So, except some thin structures like rocks, nothing will break your iPhone screen. There is no need to say that the sides are also well covered.

Otterbox Defender Series Protection Internal Parts

Never Affect the iPhone Functions

While seeing this casing which almost looks like two stacked up iPhones, you might think that it will be extremely difficult to carry it or use seamlessly. Yes, it is a little bit difficult to carry to your office or to a function. But for a sports day or a mountain climbing, it is just beyond the expectations. By means of a rugged case, we should always consider it as a protection suit for our costly devices. They are not built for comfort. They built for the toughness. The buttons are very easily reachable, and touch functions such as 3D touch got never affected by the tough glass. From our tests, the product has no involvement in making difficulties in the device usage.

Otterbox Defender Series Rugged Case Display Protection


  • Tough design
  • 3 Layers of protection
  • Glass covering the screen
  • Not affecting the usage of the iPhone
  • Completely covering the device


  • Feels a little heavy
  • Not suitable for taking into a meeting or a function

Otterbox Defender Series Rugged Case for iPhone 6S Plus Build Quality


After testing the Otterbox Defender Series Rugged Case for iPhone 6S Plus for numerous hours, we’ve found it as one of the best protection suits for your precious iPhone. No matter which sport or adventure you are involved in, if you are going out, put your device inside this beast and just concentrate on your own business. For just around $50, this Otterbox product is worthy to be bought. If you would like to give it a try, you could do that from the following button. Also, do share your thoughts on the product which will help other buyers to take a decision.

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Otterbox Defender Series Rugged Case for iPhone 6S Plus Review
9.2 Overall
Robust Build Quality Ultimate Bump Protection
Bulky Design
Value For Money9.5

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