AGM X1 Dual Camera Features Explained and Compared with iPhone 7 Plus

Having a dual camera is becoming a new norm in the Smartphone industry in 2017. iPhone 7 Plus is the first smartphone in the Apple family to get the dual camera feature. After that many android smartphones released with dual camera feature. AGM X1 is a rugged android smartphone, which also has dual camera lens. AGM explained the features of the dual camera lens features available in AGM X1 rugged smartphone and also they released a video comparing the AGM X1 with iPhone 7 Plus.

AGM X1 has 2X optical zoom, which gives double the zoom effect than the single lens camera. It is to be noted, the zooming feature in dual lens cameras will produce the image without degrading the image quality. The depth of field effect option in the dual lens camera enables to focus on key object and blur the background. This produces professional photographic images. The new users of dual camera in smartphones must note that by default the camera app chose single lens to take photos and videos. You need to select the dual lens in the option to make use of it.

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AGM X1’s dual camera was compared with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus in the below video.

AGM X1 is a decent rugged smartphone with 4GB of RAM and 5400mAh mammoth battery. It has mid-level Snapdragon 617 Octa-core processor. The dual camera of AGM X1 adopts two 13MP camera sensors. The front camera has a 5MP camera. The display has a stunning full HD resolution with 5.5-inch AMOLED screen. The fingerprint scanner is mounted on the front side. It has a decent design among the rugged smartphones. It has the IP68 waterproof and dustproof certification. Overall, it is a good mid-level rugged smartphone available in the market. You can check more details and the availability of AGM X1 here.


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