Ghost Recon: Wildlands Is On Its Way

It is coming up to the release date for the new Ghost Recon game, and gamers are getting curious as to what this game will have to offer. The game is currently available for pre-order and will be on PS4, PC, and Xbox One formats.

Your mission is based on bringing down a notorious cartel in Bolivia in South America and provides player choice to add to the appeal. What this means in the game is you can manipulate things like siding with local rebels or creating distractions in inventive ways.

Ghost Recon Wildlands gives you a multiplayer option for 2-4 players. The customization options work well, and people who have tested the game have said that the range of landscapes used keeps things fresh. The map for this game is large and offers some exciting scenery.

A review from Digital Trends says of the game, “Wildlands pushes you and your team to work in sync, like a real team of commandos.” In comparing it to other similar games, they go on to state, “What distinguishes Wildlands from its open-world cousins, though, is the fact its missions are built to be completed by a team. More often than not, simply hiding in cover will not be enough to avoid detection. Players must cover for each other, or time their shots to take multiple enemies out at the same time.” So if you’re looking for a game that you can really get into with your mates, then this offers a really exciting option. This game takes teamwork to a whole new level and is hard to be for team play.

Its customization options are a big attraction, and you can dress and model your character by changing pretty much every little detail that you can think of; from facial hair to your color of clothing. If you go to sites like iwantcheats, then you can set up an Aimbot Undetected.

The game’s creator Ubisoft has brought us some excellent games like The Division and Wildlands are hotly expected to be an impression addition to the Ubisoft games. If you are a fan of open-world games, then you are probably going to really like Wildlands.

Operations to bring down drug cartels bring a wide range of exciting situations and tactics. What goes on in the world of drug lords has been featured in a number of TV shows of late, like Narcos, a series based on the famous Pablo Escobar and if you’ve had chance to watch any of it, you may be surprised to find how the drugs lords managed to control the local authorities an government. Many tried and failed to bring Escobar to justice, with his crime-based wealth estimated to be over $30 billion. He was said to have been responsible for supplying around 80% of the cocaine that was smuggled into the US.

This kind of situation shows the reality of taking down drug cartels and makes for a great quality storyline for missions.

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