Why It is Important to Choose the Right Web Hosting for Your Business

Many small businesses use blogs and websites so they are able to engage with potential and existing clients. Although most of these business owners understand the importance of creating quality content for their sites, they often do not place the same importance on choosing a web host for their sites. Unfortunately, many of these small businesses make a huge mistake when first choosing web hosting because the needs of the site and the business are not properly evaluated.

What Can Occur When the Wrong Web Hosting is Chosen?

Your major goal as a business owner is to maximize your profit margin. So, you are wrong if you think that the web host you choose does not have any effect on your bottom line. There are several things that can occur when you do not read a Host Gator or SiteGround review 2017, for example.

One thing that you may notice is a loss of revenue if you choose a poor hosting company. If the website or blog for your business goes down, your clients will not be able to see it. If you own an e-commerce site, the loss can be detrimental. Recently, Amazon had an outage that lasted around 40 minutes. In less than an hour, the site loss over $5 million in revenue. Although your loss may not be as large as Amazon’s, any loss of revenue can hurt a small business.

You may also notice that your site’s SEO ranking begins to slip. The goal of producing quality content and content marketing is to get your site ranking high enough in the search engine results pages ensuring potential clients can easily find you. However, if your site is constantly down, and the search engines decide to pay your site a visit, your site’s ranking will be affected.

Malware and Security Attacks

With all the recent headlines, online sites are placing an even higher priority on cyber security. Choosing a reliable web hosting company will ensure that your data is backed up to a remote server. This data will be easily accessible and can be restored in the event your blog or website is ever hacked.

The company will also provide you with maintenance, security assistance and technical support 24 hours a day.

How Can You Choose the Right Web Hosting Company?

It is important to choose a web hosting company that is reputable so you can make sure your site is safe and accessible during the entire year. If you are currently experiencing issues with the provider you currently have, or you do not know the options or features you need, there are some tips you can consider.

Always remember that the Internet never takes a nap or a vacation. This means you need to select a company that offers superb customer support. There are many web hosting companies that promise to offer support 24/7, however, this does not mean that the service you receive will be knowledgeable or fast. Be sure to test the response time of the customer support team before entering into any agreement.

You should also be aware of the different options that are available for web hosting.  For example, educate yourself so you will know if your site will benefit more from shared hosting or VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting.

Do your homework when choosing a web hosting company. Never choose a provider based on price alone. It will be a hassle if your site ever goes down.


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