Accessories for the Most Portable, Yet Powerful Laptops

Do you believe in having all the power in the world at your fingertips? Of course, you do. You’re you, the tech-savvy leader of a group of friends who own everything from an Asus Chromebook Flip to the Lenovo Yoga 910. You expect stellar results from your laptop, and that means having high-quality accessories as well.

We’re guessing you know what kind of accessories you might need for your laptop, but let’s go over the most important ones, shall we? We promise, this will take just a minute, and you might even realize that you need something from this list.

  • Laptop Case or Bag

Let’s be honest: if you’ve got a powerful laptop but no bag or sleeve to protect it with, then you’re doing your computer a disservice, aren’t you? We never go anywhere without at least one of these, and in most cases, we use both to protect our precious devices.

We’re guessing that you have at least a bag, like perhaps a backpack or a briefcase; at least, we’re hoping that you do. You might also want to think about getting a sleeve in case you’re moving from one office to another or just going to your local coffee shop and don’t want to lug around your huge bag. It’s just a thought.

  • External Drive

If you have any of these accessories, we’re guessing this is it. Why? Because no matter how powerful your laptop is, it probably doesn’t have enough memory on it for all of your projects. This goes double for designers and filmmakers because honestly, those software programs take up a lot of space.

We don’t know how much memory you’ll need, but we’re thinking a 1TB external hard drive would be enough to keep all of your work close at hand. And since it’s an external hard drive, if anything happens to your laptop, you still have access to all of your work.

  • Wireless Mouse

So a lot of people may not be a big fan of this, but we are, and we know you are too. Having an external or wireless mouse keeps you from having to handle any problems with an internal mouse when you’re on a deadline. Lugging around a mouse may be a bit bulky, but it’s better safe than sorry.

  • Laptop Cable Lock

You’re probably thinking that we’ve lost our minds: a laptop cable lock? Yes, we’re absolutely talking about the locks that look like bicycle locks, and we’re also absolutely certain that you need one.

Why do you need one? Because people will steal your laptop in a heartbeat. You need to make sure that if you turn away for a second, or step out of the office for lunch, that no one is going to have access to your laptop. Our advice is to look up cable locks and get one immediately. You can thank us later.

  • Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables might seem like a weird accessory to carry around with you, but if you’re savvy, you always carry one. We do because we know that sometimes WiFi and LTE isn’t reliable, and having a strong connection, especially if you’re at a gaming conference or working with clients, is critical for a job well done. So if you need one, let us suggest you get the kind that winds up into a neat little package so you don’t strangle yourself when pulling it out of your bag.

  • USB Hub

Designers and filmmakers know all about the portable USB hub: it gives you the ability to plug in your speakers, a camera, a Wacom tablet, and more into your laptop, even if you’ve only got two USB ports on your laptop.

Seriously, what’s up with just two USB ports? Who do you know that needs just two ports? We know you need more, so go ahead and pick one of these up; it doesn’t cost more than $30, and you’ll clap yourself on the back for having it when the need arises.

  • Cooling Pad

You’ve got a powerful laptop, which means it gets hot. That means it will either scorch your legs if you lay it on yourself when you’re working, or it may overheat on a table and short out when you’re in the middle of your work.

You don’t want that, right? We didn’t think so. Go ahead and invest in a cooling pad, and make sure you get one that you’ll actually use; don’t get one that looks cool that you’d never use. Be sensible, okay?

  • External Speakers

If you’re a filmmaker or a music head, you probably have external speakers. If not, you might want to think about them, because the speakers on laptops are terrible. The sound is not calibrated for any type of audio type, so go ahead and invest in high-quality speakers that can be connected via Bluetooth.

  • Power Strip

Power strips are your best friend. We are being serious here. You need a power strip; coffee shops and hotel lobbies don’t always have the most easily accessible outlets, so having a strip on you will give you the chance to charge your laptop, your phone, and any accessories that link to your laptop. Make sure you get one that has surge protection; buying a cheap strip that explodes is going to cost you more, trust us on this one.

  • Universal Laptop Skins

Last but certainly not least, you’ve got a powerful laptop that showcases your personality in every way, from the bag it lives into the speakers and the mouse that you use. Why not have a skin that can live up to your bold style? Universal laptop skins can fit laptops up to 17”, can be trimmed for the coverage you want, and are easy to remove, meaning you can switch out the look depending on your mood. Do you need any other reason to start looking for universal skins for your laptop?

Guest post provided by mightyskins, an American owned and operated company creating colorful vinyl skins for many different types of laptops including Lenovo Yoga 910 skins and Asus Chromebook flip skins.


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