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A large number of the bloggers from all over the world are not native English speakers. But this is not an excuse when it comes to creating flawless content, which they need to attract the audience and bring more traffic from search engines. This means that they heavily rely on the online proofreading tools to avoid typos and grammatical mistakes.

Before you choose an online proofreading tool to work with make sure that it has the features that you need for your content. It should also be easy to use, hassle-free and simple to understand.

To come to your help, 123writings has put together a list of nine online proofreading tools that will help you create error-free blog posts. You will not have to stress about the spelling and grammar and instead focus on your creative flow.

1. Paper Rater

Paper Rater is one of the most accurate contextual spell checkers that uses Artificial Intelligence to help you write better. This proofreading tool also has inbuilt plagiarism detector besides grammar checker. The tool asks you to enter post author and title, as well as grade and the type of content before it starts proofreading the article. This way it will offer the best and most relevant results.
PaperRater highlights in green color the grammatical mistakes and in red color the spelling mistakes. It also gives you indications on how to write a good article, as well as a list of the most commonly confused words and phrases and their explanations.
The proofreading software includes the following features:

  • No download required
  • Spelling and grammar check
  • The tool gives you writing suggestions that will help you improve your writing
  • It checks for duplicate content through plagiarism detection tools

2. Grammarly

Grammarly perfectly integrates with the Chrome browser and it corrects any mistake you might do when typing the text in the area inside your browser. This tool is the most accurate because it not only corrects the grammatical errors but it also offers relevant explanations for each one of the mistakes. It also serves as a plagiarism checker detecting the duplicate content in your blog posts. Grammarly offers you precise details about your article and also check the word count.

3. Ginger

Ginger is an amazing free proofreading tool which has built-in grammar checker and sentence rephrase features. The tool also has an add-on for word, checking grammar and asking you to approval the corrections Ginger suggests. Here is what Ginger has to offer:

Works in various browsers and Microsoft Office
Has great design
It is user-friendly
Has built-in dictionary
Provides accurate English corrections
Automatic translator


SlickWrite is another tool to proofread your blog posts. It has various useful options such as flow, stats, features, word variety, and structure that you can use depending on what you want the tool to do. From the settings button, you can select what kind of grammatical errors you want the tool to identify and which you want to be ignored.

5. PolishMyWriting

PolishMyWriting, also known as After the Deadline, is another great free online proofreading tool that checks for grammatical mistakes and typos and gives you style suggestions. Similar to PaperRater it uses various colors to indicate various types of mistakes: red for spelling mistakes, green for grammar errors and blue for style ideas.

6. Google Docs

In case you did not know you can also use Google Dogs as a proofreading tool. It has excellent features that help you edit your blog posts on the go. If you wish you can also include add-ons such as Template Gallery, Lucidchart diagrams, Thesaurus, etc. Al these will make the editing process easier while you are writing.

7. Reverso

Reverso is a free online grammar, spell check, translation and dictionary tool, which also provides an online translation into Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russia, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, and Arabic. These are some of the features Reverso has to offer:

  • Offers a translation service that has  constantly been improved and tested by millions of users
  • You can view the dictionaries results while you are writing your blog
  • It also provides native speaker pronunciation
  • It automatically spell check the mistakes
  • Spell check plus

Spell check plus online proofreading tool has a user-friendly interface, and it targets some common errors made by non-native English speakers. Paste the article you want to check into the text box, click the button Check Text and you will see all the mistakes that you have to correct.

8.Proof Guru

Proof Guru is another excellent proofreading tool which offers its users several packages checklists and style guides that are relevant to various types of content. You can either use these packaged checklists or create some that fit your needs and writing style. The Proof Guru Checker is a free application that works with Microsoft Word to check the spelling and grammar in your blog posts.

Being a non-native English speaker who has to write flawlessly in this language can sometimes be a challenge. But technology comes to rescue with useful online proofreading tools that can make your life as a blogger much easier. You can get rid of the grammatical errors and types that might slip through your fingers while you are focused on expressing your thoughts and ideas.

Sometimes the creative flow can be disrupted if you focus too much on not making grammatical mistakes. So why not impress your blog readers with amazing posts that they will find interesting and useful? There’s nothing wrong with having a little help. In fact, that’s why these tools were created in the first place, right? Write, check your text with one of these online tools and then read your post again just to make sure that everything is perfect. This is the secret to successful blog posts that will bring you the results you expect.

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