5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Student Blog

Today, the opportunity to become a student blogger has made it easier for college students and even high school students around the world to make an income. By using the right strategies for success, a popular blog can be a great source of income, with no limit on the amount that you’re able to make. But, if you’ve started a student blog and it’s not taken off to be quite as popular as you’d hoped, here’s how to drive more people to your blog:

Use Social Media

Using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your blog is one of the best ways to gain a larger followership for yourself. Sharing your blog posts on social media will encourage your friends to have a read and you can begin to build up more followers if you set up an online profile specifically for your blog, rather than using your personal one. Before setting up on social media, come up with a brand and logo for your blog so that you can be consistent!

Be Mobile-Friendly

If you are studying for your masters in social work online, then you are probably no stranger to using your mobile device when searching for student information. So, if you have ever tried to access a non-mobile friendly website using your smartphone or tablet, you’ll know just how frustrating it can be if the content doesn’t fit well on your screen. Be sure to give your blog readers the best experience by opting for a mobile-friendly web design. If you’re setting up your blog on WordPress, you’ll be glad to hear that most of their free web templates are responsive.

Do Something Interesting

If the traffic to your student blog is suffering, then it could be because your content simply isn’t interesting enough. As a student blogger, you will not only have to compete against other students who blog but also against the bigger, popular student websites offering tips and advice. Sharing interesting stories such as traveling and studying for your online MSW degree from Rutgers Online abroad will attract more readers to your site.

Offer Solutions to Problems

When ranking your blog, Google and other search engines not only look at things such as user-friendliness but also the standard of content that you provide. If you’re simply writing blog posts about your day-to-day life as a student, you may still get some readers, but your results will be much improved if you aim to offer solutions to common student problems. ‘How-to’ guides and other instructional types of content are some of the most-read online today!

Engage Your Readers

Another simple way to encourage more traffic to your student blog is to engage with your readers. For example, you can use social media to do this through polls and surveys, competitions on your page, or simply responding to comments and messages. Try to involve your readers as much as you can, for example, asking them for content suggestions.

If the traffic to your student blog appears to be stuck in a rut, there’s no need to give up!


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