ScheduleMe – How It All Began

Krista Robinson came up with the idea for ScheduleMe after encountering too many problems related to time scheduling: trying to arrange group meetings or making appointments without breaking her own commitments. It was especially challenging when dealing with people from different industries or companies.

To solve her own difficulties and develop a service that would simplify scheduling concerns for others, Krista assembled a team of passionate business and technology professionals dedicated to problem-solving. The ScheduleMe Executive Team has diversified experience in the supply chain solutions market, pharma, and enterprise software. The group includes one Microsoft 10-year veteran who manages the day-to-day operations as well as the company’s strategic direction.

ScheduleMe service and the entire team are supported by NIX Solutions, a group of 1500 professionals specializing in project development. The NIX team was engaged early in the development of our service and took over the code development while we focused internally on concept development, visions, and insights. Their team helped build a prototype with all of the functions and options we had in mind. They also helped create applications for the most popular mobile platforms, notably iPhone and Android.

The QA specialists at NIX perform all necessary tests of the Web, software, and mobile applications to ensure that our service meets all applicable standards. Also, their SEO specialist has been invaluable in helping our site to achieve the highest rankings. And when our team collaborated with NIX Solutions to set up plans for a beta launch, everything worked as planned.

Working with the professionals at NIX has made it possible to avoid delays and meet all deadlines, and—what counts most—the service works as envisioned. We have gained a trusted partnership and avoided untold difficulties.

How They Operate

ScheduleMe is a cross-platform scheduling utility that allows users to quickly create meetings with others. It is compatible with Office 365, Google services and Apple iCloud, and Internet-supported devices. Our service supports Google, Outlook, Exchange, and iCloud calendar systems; Yahoo will be supported very soon. There is also an add-in for Outlook whereby users can access ScheduleMe directly through the Outlook client on their desktop.

Is It Secure?

The ScheduleMe service is cloud-based, built using Microsoft Azure. It was designed to meet security and compliance standards after being developed and deployed in a global network of data centers. Thus, our clients can be assured of a high degree of security for their personal data, which is under protection around the clock.

Users simply have to add calendars to ScheduleMe, indicating their usernames and passwords using email. Information with user calendar details is not stored or shared. Only FREE or BUSY information can be accessed, and it is immediately deleted once an invitation for a meeting appointment has been sent.

ScheduleMe is currently in beta release, and already it is seeing extensive growth in the number of users, which we expect to continue. The service has been adopted through all business segments, from SMB to large enterprise, and have gained clients’ trust.

Many clients have shared their success stories based on their experience with our service. For instance, a technology consulting company that works with many technology vendors and suppliers has reduced their business process time by 20% with ScheduleMe. It now takes them only a few minutes to schedule all appointments through our platform. And it is highly economical: subscription for ScheduleMe is just $3.99 per user per month. All other features, such as the Outlook add-in, are free of charge.

As continue to grow, we will work closely with the NIX Solutions team to further define our prospects and perspectives. In addition, we anticipate ongoing favorable customer feedback and growing demand for our ScheduleMe service.


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