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How long have you wanted to print a tattoo on your hand, leg or wherever you like? How would it be if you could design your own tattoos online without the help of a designer or a tattoo expert? Would be nice right? If so, here is the TattooFontMaker. It is an online tool which helps you to design amazing tattoos of your own without needing an expert’s eyes on it. It is as easy as designing something in Photoshop and taking output within a matter of minutes.

This tattoo font generator has numerous tools which help you to add, edit, and design texts into your tattoos alongside many other materials including pictures, and quotes. One of the most interesting features of the TattooFontMaker is that it comes with thousands of pre-designed tattoos which you could simply add to your design. You don’t have to design the tattoos yourself. Instead, click on the “Add Tattoo” button given on the tattoo maker editor, select your category, and finally, choose a tattoo from the list. You are done.

You will also get some pre-designed images where beautiful people having beautiful tattoos printed on various parts of their bodies. It will let you know how the tattoo will look like once it is printed on your hands or any other parts. The designs look pretty amazing, and if you can build such a nice work of your own, you should consider yourself as a designer.

To know more about the TattooFontMaker, we have decided to present a review to our readers. We will be analyzing the features of this tool and its possibilities. We will also provide our final take on the website which will help you to quickly reach a decision. So, without wasting your time, have a look at this TattooFontMaker Review.

The Interface

The interface of the tool is pretty good, and nothing new is there to confuse you. The ordinary text tool, the stylizing buttons, controls to change fonts, buttons to add images and tattoos, are all familiar to an average internet user. Don’t worry, even if you are new to such editing stuff, you will never face a difficulty in the process.

You can start by adding the text on the given box and stylize it by changing the position, font, size, etc. After having a good looking text (Your name or something), now you can add the tattoo designs. For that, just click on the “Add Tattoos” button. It will open a list of available tattoo categories. You could select the desired category and select the appropriate tattoo template from it.

After that, it is the time to edit the tattoos as per your requirements. After crafting the perfect tattoo for you, just save it or print it by clicking on the buttons given at the bottom of the editor. That’s it, now you have your lovely tattoo in your hand which you could give to the real tattoo designer. He will make your dream come true.

The Features

TattooFontMaker has not many features apart from that which are essential for designing a good tattoo. It is coming with a user-friendly editor which you could utilize for crafting your perfect tattoo. We have used many online editors which sometimes feels a little laggy and discard the changes if the internet connection is disconnected. But in this case, there are no such problems which we found as a good advantage. To know more about the features, have a look at the following sections.

User-friendly Tattoo Editor

Like already mentioned, the TattooFontMaker has a yet simple, user-friendly interface to let users create good-looking tattoos within a matter of minutes. There are all the regular text-styling features as well as some additions like the pre-built tattoo selector and option to add images. You will be able to drag the elements on the interface as well as it will allow you to change the sizes of objects. After making the necessary changes, all you have to do is either printing or saving your creation for the future use.

Thousands of pre-built tattoos

Tattoo Designer online

Unlike many other tattoo designers online, the TattooFontMaker comes with thousands of pre-built tattoo designs which you could select from. Either you wanted a dead skull or a beautiful flower to be included in your tattoo, the website has all of them in it. You just have to click on the “Add Tattoo” button, and it will bring a huge list of the available tattoo designs. Choose the best one and continue designing your tattoo.

Can Save or Print the Designs

You don’t have to hold your mobile for taking the picture of your tattoo. The tool allows you to print the exact copy of the design as well as allowing to save it on any of the PNG, JPG, or PDF formats. So you can take a backup of the tattoo design that you completed either to show your friends or to make the tattoo dream come true.

Share them on Social Medias

If you are so proud of the tattoo that you just created using this tool and wanted show off your work with your friends and family members on social medias, you don’t have to sweat much. The tool provides an inbuilt sharing function which allows you to instantly share your creations with the people on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You could also directly mail them to anyone you like.


Tattoo Image

If you love tattoos, you should give a try to the TattooFontMaker. Especially if you wanted to design the tattoos yourself without giving the opportunity to anyone else, you should visit the website and start designing your own tattoos. It is very easy to use, and we found no bugs so far. The performance is also good and even has no problems when the internet connection is disturbed. So, if you are interested in giving it a try, you could do that from the link given below.

TattooFontMaker Review
8.1 Reviewer
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