Best Skype Alternatives For Windows

Skype is one of the most popular video conferencing app available for Windows. You could also consider VoIP and general video calls with Skype. However, no matter how good an app or service is, there are definitely better alternatives to it depending on what a user wants.

In this case, we consider the benefits or key features of video calling applications to pick some of the alternatives to Skype. Video call optimization is definitely something to look out for which then is followed by the pricing factor. If the credit (per USD) to make ISD calls through an app is lower than what Skype offers, it should be considered as an alternative. Also, there could be a simpler alternative? For someone who just wants to perform a video call without fancy features incorporated.

All things considered, we would talk about some of the best skype alternatives for Windows considering a wide range of things that users look for in a software for VoIP, Video Calls, and conferencing.

Best Skype Alternatives For Windows



Viber is a great video call application on both desktop and mobile devices. It is perfectly fine to find Viber as one of the best Skype alternatives.

The setup file (EXE file) of Viber is around 65 MB. And, it does not take much of your disk space after installation as well. The best part that we could find here is the synchronization capability across multiple devices. The user interface feels better than Skype. However, that’s something of your personal preferences. Whatever be the case, the UI is polished and responsive.

With Viber installed, you can opt for low-rate Internation calls as well (landlines included). The outgoing calls to mobile or landline are dubbed as Viber out. Also, Viber offers a great HD video call experience along with the ability to have a fun text message conversation utilizing amazing stickers available.



ICQ is one of the simplest alternatives to Skype. Similar to Viber, you can find it across multiple platforms. You get equivalently good video call experience with this compared to Viber but the user interface might be disappointing for some.

The video calls you initiate with ICQ is secure with encryption. So, you can be sure of an extra layer of security if concerned about the privacy of your conversations. If someone sends you a voice message, you get to translate that to text. And, just like Viber, you get to utilize a lot of interesting stickers to make your conversation rich.

Looking at the text functionality, you get an additional feature of live chat where you would always find someone to be available to chat with whenever you want. Compared to Viber, you get ICQ on a smaller file size i.e 46 MB (EXE File).



LINE is yet another popular messaging application that features both voice and video calls. You can utilize stickers here as well. It presents a simple user interface to work with.

The files, pictures, and videos that you like aren’t something that you have to look for in order to find it the next time. Simply, keep them. You will find a “Keep” tap where you find all those you favorited (kept).

You can perform video calls with the perfect quality (considering you have a good Internet connection). However, LINE does not optimize the video quality much. So, if you have a network connectivity issue, better sort it out to experience a good video call session. You also get a timeline to share stuff with your friends (everyone can check that out). With LINE out, you can perform an International mobile or landline call for up to 5 mins. After that, you’ve got prepaid options.



ooVoo is a free video chat application which stands as one of the best skype Alternatives that you can find. While performing a video call with this app, you get an optimized form of the video when the Internet speed isn’t good enough.

You can have 1-on-1 video calls or you can opt for group video calls as well. It presents some advanced group video calling functionality compared to Skype. There’s something interesting here which lets you watch YouTube videos at the time of a group video chat! If you want you can record your videos while talking to someone to capture a precious conversation.

Also, you get to change the background while you are on a video call. What more? Try it out now!

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts has to be there. No matter whether the desktop application exists or not, you can always utilize Google Chrome to launch a video call with Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts presents a similar experience that you find with Skype. Simply, head on to the Chrome store and install the Google Hangouts extension. You get all of the contacts on your Google account to hangouts after you sign in and sync it. Although, you cannot record videos, but the video optimization here considering slower Internet speeds is better than what you get with Skype.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know about the best Skype alternatives available for Windows. It isn’t like anything that you’ll miss Skype, but you do have better alternatives to it as well.

Personally, I’d recommend, ooVoo for the best features and tailored for video calls only. On the off chance, if you want something to sync across all of your devices, you can go for Viber, LINE, Google Hangouts, and ICQ. It really depends on your preference to what you choose to be your favorite video calling the alternative to Skype. The user interface, the video optimization, group video call functionality and video recording option are some of the factors you will likely look for while deciding the best skype alternative for Windows.

Let us know in the comments below to what you choose and what’s the best according to you.

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