How To Cool A Hot Laptop This Summer

No matter how hot the weather is, the work and the fun would and should continue. When you play games, watch videos, or work using a laptop, the laptop heats up incredibly.

You need ways to cool down your laptop to prevent malfunction of the hardware (preserve the life of the component) and also to be able to continue working or playing even in the summers.

5 Ways To Cool A Hot Laptop This Summer

Keep it on a Flat Surface

Keep it on a Flat Surface

This is the simplest thing one can do to cool down a hot laptop this summer. Most of the people make the mistake of placing the laptop in their lap or on a pillow (or in the bed).

Well, it is understandable that Laptop isn’t a desktop and you can pretty much take it anywhere. However, a flat and hard surface would let the laptop breathe. If you place the laptop above a pillow, the fabrics already have a lot of dust trapped (you can’t see it, but they are present). If you place it on an uneven surface, the Laptop may face difficulties in sucking in the cool air outside to keep things normal inside (most of the Laptops work this way).

Dig For Resource Intensive Tasks

Not only the place where you keep it matters but what you run on it has an impact as well. There isn’t any machine on this planet that would never heat up due to the tasks running.

If you are playing a game at ultra settings or performing other studio-focused work which requires a lot of resources, then the Laptop would surely heat up if it isn’t especially tailored with coolers built in (gaming laptops).

So, to cool a hot laptop this summer, you can stop the resource-intensive tasks, or perform it phase by phase.

Utilize A Laptop Cooler

A laptop cooler sits under the laptop and blows air out to the laptop for better air circulation. However, do keep in mind that some laptop coolers suck in the air. Be cautious and take the advice of a technician to know which type of cooler you need.

Make Sure The Laptop Resides In A Cool Room

Of course, the place where you work matters the most. Let’s say if you place your laptop outside encountering the scorching heat, how do you expect it to cool anyway?

For that reason, the studios with high-end machines are equipped with Air Conditioners.

Give Some Rest To Your Machine

Give Some Rest To Your Machine

A general advice. If you are trying every possible way to cool down your laptop this summer but still no success, then you should give the machine some rest at regular intervals.

You can also give your machine the required rest by optimizing the software present on it. Keep only the ones that are widely popular and have active development. In worst case scenarios, opt for Linux operating system or a MacBook while investing for a laptop in the first place!

So, these were the top 5 ways to cool a hot laptop this summer. Do you have other ideas on how to cool a hot laptop this summer? Let us know in the comments below.


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