4 Major Benefits you Get Using Bitrix24 Free CRM Software

What CRM system do you use? Do you use one at all? Customer Relationship Management software is an essential tool for running a business these days. The software itself allows streamlining sales and marketing processes and the data collected provide insights that help improve the overall performance of the company.

However, all CRMs are different. And by using Bitrix24 free CRM software you get a lot more than an app that simply collects and stores data. You get a powerful tool that takes customer relationship management to another level, and here’s how:

Communicate effectively in a convenient way

Communication is a key! That’s why we made sure that you can reach out to your clients in the most effective and convenient ways.

Bitrix24 CRM includes three major communication channels:

  • email – create and send emails straight from the CRM or integrate the email client you use to automatically sync messages with it.
  • IP telephony – call to clients from a browser or desktop app at rates that are lower than Skype’s. Also, record calls made for the Bitrix24 CRM if necessary.
  • live chats – connect with your customers on popular social media and messengers. The employees will communicate using the Customer Relationship Management, but all replies will appear in the social network or the messenger.

Leverage the power of website forms

Website forms are not just a way of collecting leads. They are also a way of getting valuable information about prospects and customers that are important for improving marketing and sales departments.

With Bitrix24 Customer Relationship Management, you can create a website form from scratch using your own CSS code, images, etc., use a template or customize a template. Once done, embed it into your website and all collected data will automatically end up in the CRM as leads, contacts, etc. Get the information that’s important to your business easily and with less hassle.

Send invoices straight from the CRM

Create and send invoices instantly, without leaving the system. Client data from the CRM are automatically inserted into the invoice once the appropriate Contact or Lead is selected. You can also choose products and services included in the invoice from existing items or create a new one on the fly.

Once the invoice is done, send it straight to the Customer Relationship Management to the client’s email address, download it as a PDF file, or print out from the browser.

Decide on who sees what

Our Customer Relationship Management allows you to manage access to information inside the company in an easy and flexible way. You can assign a “role” to individuals or groups of employees and decide what they should and should not see or what actions they should and should not be able to do.

The Customer Relationship Management keeps a detailed log of who accessed the records and what changes were made. Any employee with an administrator role can view the changes and restore the data if necessary.


This is just a small portion of what our free CRM software can do. We’d love to tell you more! Request a demo and see how Bitrix24 Customer Relationship Management can help your business improve.


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