Google Earth Expected To Unveil On April 18

Google Earth is gearing up for a big refresh ever since it was officially launched. According to reports coming in, Google is planning to conduct a grand launch event on April 18 to showcase the new Google Earth. Interestingly, the launch date is four days before the Earth Day.

In addition to the new version of the Earth, the California-based search engine giant will also unveil an exclusive Google Earth VR headset using which you can explore the world. According to sources, the Google Earth VR will bring the whole wide world to virtual reality.

Google has released a video, which examines the real power behind Earth VR. With a runtime of roughly one minute, the user wears the VR headset and explores the beautiful earth.

As soon as the user wears the headset and approaches towards the globe, you will be able to view stunning visuals in rich colors in various angles. You can also see a small bridge over a mini river from a top angle. You can also view a tower with closeup shots including the windows of a top floor. You will not be able to view them with a conventional VR headset.

With the help of Google Earth VR, you will be able to fly over a city, stand at the edge corner of a mountain including the ability to soar into space. Google Earth VR is currently available on Steam for the HTC Vive. However, when we visited Stream store as mentioned on the Earth official page, the headset is not yet available for purchase.

If you visit the Google Earth ( site, you will be able to visualize the effects of the VR without using the headset. Google has provided 6 incredible sights in the form of a gallery. You can click on a relevant image and experience the stunning effects. Google Earth will be an incredible piece of adventure for you to explore the wonderful beauty of nature.

Anand Narayanaswamy is a freelance technology writer based in Trivandrum. He had contributed several articles and reviews for various software based portals.

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