VSDC Free Video Editor Review

VSDC Free Video Editor is a blessing for those who need to edit their videos by putting minimum effort. Using the software, users will be able to produce professional looking video files even without any professional video editing knowledge. Different from many other advanced video editors, this software is coming with the minimal functions that are enough for the basic video editing needs. The pre-built effects and filters enhance your video editing capabilities without requiring you to be expert in anything.

After testing the software to edit multiple video files of one of our office tours, we satisfied with its easiness in the usage and the professional approach. We must say that the VSDC Free Video Editor is a combination of the simplicity and professionalism. This software is suitable especially for those who are stepping into the video editing world who doesn’t require any advanced video editing functionalities. If you are one of them, you should have a look at this review of the VSDC video editing software.

VSDC Free Video Editor Interface

VSDC Free Video Editor Interface

The interface of the software is crafted in such a way that to easily navigate the users to any part of the software. The functions like the video editor, slideshow maker, screen capture, etc.  are placed at the main interface itself. The dark gray background gives a nice feel to the interface. Like we have seen in almost of the video editors, the menu is given at the top which lists all of the functions and features available on the software. All of them opens quite fast, and we never had to wait for long.

Talking about the editor screen, it is not a very basic one. Instead of the usual linear video editor, this one is having a non-linear video editor allowing users to place the videos anywhere they want. So, there are no restrictions for the placement of videos in a single line. You will be able to overlay them one another by placing them on different tracks. The tools are also very handy allowing users to easily output amazing videos within a matter of minutes. So, the interface of the software is quite good when compared to many other video editors out there.

What Makes it Special?

There is a plenty of features which makes the software stand out of the crowd. The Non-linear video editor which allows adding videos in multiple tracks is one of the most noticeable features. Thousands of pre-built effects and filters add to it providing a great editing environment on the software. If you wish to know more about the VSDC video editor, have a look at the following sections.

Non-linear Video Editor with Many Professional Features

VSDC Free Video Editor

Instead of a normal basic video editing software, this one has something special. It has a non-linear video editor like the advanced video editing software which allows users to add videos simultaneously anywhere they like. The positioning and relocation of the videos will not be restricted by the software at all. Anytime you like, you will be able to switch between the tracks, reposition the clips, add or remove audio tracks, etc. The timeline can be expanded as per your requirements and the length of the video content.

Numerous Visual Effect Presets

Like in any other handy video editors, this software also comes with numerous effects and filters. You will be able to apply them to your videos within a single click. We tested them on our videos, and it does have covered almost of the favorite effects and filters which we have seen so far. The functionalities such as color correction, object transformation, object filters, transition effects and special fx will make your videos look good like never before.

Almost all Formats Supported

The VSDC Editor will support almost any video formats that are known. You will never have to convert the videos to a popular format just for editing them on this software. In any situation you have an extremely rare video format, you will be able to convert it to a popular format from the software itself. You could utilize the video conversion feature for this.

Capture your Desktop

VSDC Free Video Editor Recording

Sometimes your may need to record your screen and add them to the videos. Especially if you are a Youtuber who frequently add tutorials to his channel, you will find this tool very handy. The screen capture feature on this software has a wide range of features that allows recording your desktop easily and effectively. You can have different types of screen recordings as per your requirements.

Built-in Converter

Like already said, the VSDC video editor is also coming with a video converter. You could simply add your videos in any format and take outputs in any format that you need. Additionally, you can also output the videos to support a certain device by choosing the output device instead of a specific format.

Built-in DVD Burner

In case you wanted to burn a DVD with your edited video to give it to your friends, you don’t have to install any other software. You can directly burn DVDs by going to the DVD burner tab of this software. The process is very quick that you don’t have to wait longer to burn the DVDs.

Share your Content on Social Medias

The software can also help you to directly share the video on social medias. You could share your content on all the popular platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. The direct Youtube upload function is a noticeable feature.


After testing the VSDC Free Video Editor for several hours and running numerous tests on it, we found it as a good software to fulfill your editing needs. You don’t have to be an expert to use this software and output excellent video content. If you would like to give a try to this video editor, you could do that from the button given below. We recommend going for it if you are not satisfied with any of the video editors that you used so far.

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VSDC Free Video Editor Review
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