How to Add or Delete Pages From PDF File – Easy Means to Edit

Portable files are getting more and more useful for businesses and now it is even an essential thing in your personal life. With the go green concept, you are receiving PDF bills in your mailbox. Now, creating a folder for each and saving those is a tough task, for anyone. You can easily create a portfolio of the same – add the files of common sources and make things easy for you. Your question now is how to edit the PDF files. Things can be simple for you, while you have Acrobat, installed in your PC. Here is a guide from appuals – how to add delete or edit a PDF file with Acrobat.

Installing Adobe Acrobat

At the first step, you will have to install the latest version of the tool and activate that with the key – make sure that you are having enough disc space in your PC to install the software. It will take some time and will restart your device several times, before finalizing the installation. Keep it attached to the internet, so that you can access the digital signatures and also the necessary patches for it.

Adding pages and creating portfolios

With acrobat, you can not only add pages to your existing PDF file but can also create a portfolio of the same. For example, if you are adding up all the electricity bills into one PDF file, acrobat is there to support you. At the same time, when you are thinking to create a portfolio of all the bills that is also possible in acrobat. Consider things easily and go to the add option, there you will find two options – add files and add pages. In the case of a portfolio, add files and for summing up all PDF files into one, add pages and include PDF files to the dashboard. Once they are added in the dialog box, you will have to arrange the pages, by dragging those. Click add and your job is done.

Deleting and Extracting pages

While trying to delete a page or extracting it to some other files, you will face a common issue in PDF. This is a common factor in the case of bills and other encrypted documents. If you have the password for opening the file, use that to open the file and then decode the same from the properties. Now, you can add or delete pages to and from the file respectively. While deleting the pages, you will get few options before you as well – delete page, extract to other file and extract as a separate file. Choose the right one, as you need it and keep only the needed pages in the file.

With Adobe acrobat, you can do everything that you can guess on a PDF file. Even editing and putting live comments, adding a digital signature and creating bookmarks on the PDF file is possible for you. So, avail the tool and create whatever you want with the PDF files. Keep watching appuals to know more technical processes, that you need on daily basis.



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