About us

We are passionate about the tech life started with our blog, i.e., Rightclicktechnology in the year 2008. Now we switched to a web page. Where we provide the availability of technologies to the visitors. And be as a tech resource in each and every aspect to the mile of tech issues.

What is Thetechhacker?

Thetechhacker is a blog related to technology; we are interested in providing Android and iOS guides and app & games reviews, Windows software and Mac apps, tech How-to articles and latest news related to technology. We believe in the multiple niches, as technology comes in our life in various forms.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the finest source of technology, with most talented writers and audience. In addition to Thetechhacker, RCT Media is home to Phone Setter and GadgetOm, The Wearable News, WP Thinker and VPNWired.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the audience by sharing our knowledge and passion.


Information source: Our primary source of information comes from Google and a variety of sources. Some of our sources do not wish to be named, and our policy is to honour such requests and keep these sources anonymous without exception.

You can read our full ethics statement in Disclosure.

Thetechhacker is built on WordPress CMS platform and hosted in Siteground specially designed Managed WordPress hosting.

Team Members

Staff members

  • New Delhi Correspondent: Raghava Rao Vithala
  • Authors: Abimanyu, Vamsi, Ankush Das
  • Intern: Sarath Chinthada, Aravind
  • Social Media Manager: Sai Kumar
  • Developer: Jimmy