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Thetechhacker is a refreshing apps, software, gadget review and giveaway site, started on Feb 22, 2013. We daily post latest articles about new trends in technology including Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile (Android, iOS and Windows phone), Reviews and How-to articles. In such a short span of time, we achieved a good success in sharing knowledge. The majority of our visitors are from United States (70%), United Kingdom, China and India.

Through, in the process to maintain servers, we offer various advertising options to interested advertisers. Please keep in mind that your product or service must be relevant to our readership and also provide the ads/banners/buttons, which will be displayed on our site.

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Thetechhacker Users Traffic

Thetechhacker Statistics 

  • Monthly Unique Views: 60,000+
  • Daily Unique Visitors 1800+
  • Active Newsletter Subscribers: 10000+
  • Facebook Likes: 15,650+
  • Published Articles: 2500+
  • Alexa Rank: 78,587
  • Alexa Rank in US: 178,865
  • Page Authority: 36
  • Domain Authority: 35
  • Moz Rank: 5.57
  • Founded on Feb 22, 2013. (3+ years old with daily updates)

Advertising Banner sizes include:

Location Price
Header 720×90 $3000 for 6 months
Sidebar 300×250 $2000 for 6 months
Inside Article 250×250 Not Providing Currently
End of the article Not Providing Currently
Homepage (Including Subpages) $2000 for 6 months
Homepage (Without Subpages) $1000 for 6 months


Note: We don’t accept options like pop-up and automatic video or sound advertisements in thetechhacker.

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Payment Mode: PayPal

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