SEO Strategy For Local Businesses In 2015

Google has continued to make updates to its search algorithms in 2014 which has often caused many marketers and SEO professionals to panic. Google has taken steps to ensure the best experience of its users which has tightened the noose for web pages that are low in value but over optimized. Many marketers believe that there are no longer any SEO strategies that can be used in 2015 but that is not true. You can check with sites such as WordPressDesignServices to know more about SEO strategies that can help you in 2015.

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SEO Strategy

Use More Keywords That Are Suitable for Hummingbird

The Hummingbird update brought about a major modification to the way queries are parsed by Google. This does not decrease the importance of keywords however. Instead, you will now have to use a different sort of keywords. The keywords and their combinations should now be specific to your niche. A good tip would be to use keywords that are actually phrase that your customers are likely to use in their conversations.

After creating a list of these conversational keywords, you should get them divided into three categories. These three classes are navigational, informational and transactional. Informational keywords are used for searching for data on your business while navigational ones are looking for your particular company.  Transactional keywords are used when the person is looking to make purchases.

Improving the URL Structure of Your Website

Google takes the structure of the website into consideration while ranking the pages. If your website has URLs that are nicely streamlined you will find that you are getting a better ranking. Organization is very important and if the web pages organization of your website is a complicated one then your ranking is bound to be hurt.

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Dynamic URLs should be avoided as much as possible as they are long and often convoluted. Moreover, your visitors will have a hard time trying to guess the content of the page through the URL when they see it displayed on the search results pages. This means your pages are bound to be clicked lesser times. Go for static URLs. Moreover, you should avoid 404 errors and broken links in your website. Check and eliminate these problems to improve your website’s ranking.

Use Fewer Links That Are Hard Earned

Links have always been a crucial part of SEO. However, most people have trouble in getting the right balance in the number and quality of links in their webpages. You should always give preference to links that are from websites that are an authority in their own niche. Google gives more important to the quality of the links than the quantity of links present in the website.

You can gain these quality links by using editorial or media links. Whenever, your company gets mentioned by the media websites, you can ask the website in question for a link to your website. Another option would be to post informative articles on other websites.

Co-citation is another way to get links to your website. This can be done when your website appears alongside other websites that serve the same niche. Google takes it as a hint that your website is also an authority on that particular niche and will being to give more importance to your website. This can only be possible if there are articles such as top 10 lists which mention your website in conjunction with other authoritative websites.

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Last Words

SEO in 2015 will certainly see some changes. You will have to make modifications according to keep ensuring a steady ranking at the top of the results pages. You will of course have to spend a considerable amount of time and resources on SEO.


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