How To Perform Remote Data Recovery Over The Internet

Sudden system failure leading to data loss is an awkward situation. A user cannot access his data present on the system; however, the data is not lost entirely in such type of situations. The data can still be recovered through various means. It totally depends on the severity of the issue that has led to data loss. For example, recovering data from backup, using a recovery software, or availing data recovery services by sending the storage device to a lab, are some of the possible measures that could be taken to get back the lost data. However, each of the mentioned solutions might not work in all cases.

Data that is lost through logical issues can be quickly recovered through any professional software. You might not need even software if you have created a backup of your data. However, in a case of physical damage, you need to send your storage device to a recovery center. Besides, there is one more option for data recovery through remote assistance. Such a solution is not very popular, but can prove to be useful in many data loss situations.

Remote recovery involves taking a remote connection to the machine from which data needs to be recovered via The Internet. Once the connection is established, a remote recovery expert can use different technologies to recover any particular or entire hard drive data from the user’s machine.

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Note: To perform remote recovery, the system’s hard drive should be functional.

However, there are various vulnerabilities associated with such a method, as it requires software to establish a connection, which proves to be unreliable at most of the times. Also, there is a sense of security while giving computer access to confidential data to an unknown or technically weak person. In spite of all these assumptions, there are various advantages of remote recovery. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Allows faster recovery as compared to in-lab recovery
  • The recovered data is copied in the user’s system itself
  • The entire recovery is done in front of the user
  • Recovery is performed over a secured Internet connection
  • Works well for desktops, laptops, and server
  • Economical as compared to other data recovery options

Requirements of Remote Recovery

To recover successfully and safely data from a remote system, there are few basic requirements that need to be fulfilled. As mentioned earlier, the system and its hardware should be working properly. Also, the user whose data is being recovered needs to have some technical knowledge, as the remote service might require some assistant from the other end. Most importantly, a reliable and uninterrupted Internet connection is a must.

Although remote recovery can recover a huge amount of data, at times, the user does not have sufficient space to store those data on the system. So, a user must have sufficient disk space to save the recovered data through remote recovery.

Reliable Remote Recovery

There are various remote recovery options to choose from. You can find much free software performing free data recovery via FTP. However, such methods are not reliable. Instead, you should look for a professional tool, which provides data recovery through trained engineers. Such method of data recovery proves to be the best in restoring data quickly, saving time, and cost effectiveness.

One such software is Stellar Phoenix RAID Recovery (Tech). It is software to recover data from Windows based systems and RAID arrays. The remote recovery feature provided by the tool allows you to recover data from any network attached Windows system. This is accomplished by a Remote Recovery Agent, which comes bundled with the software. It provides a secured and stable connection between your machine and the target machine. This feature proves to be very useful, especially when mission-critical data needs to be recovered quickly over a network. With an interactive and easy-to-use interface provided with the software, you can perform remote recovery without any hassle.

Remote Recovery Using Stellar Phoenix RAID Recovery (Tech)

To perform the remote recovery using Stellar Phoenix RAID Recovery you need first to install Remote Recovery Agent on the machine from which data needs to be recovered and get the IP address and a valid port number. After that, you can install the software to proceed with the recovery process. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to complete the recovery process.

  1. From the ‘Advanced Option’ tab, click the ‘Remote Recovery’ option.
  2. In the ‘Enter remote machine details to connect’ box, enter the IP address and the port number obtained from the target machine, in the ‘IP Address’ textbox and the ‘Port’ textbox respectively.
  3. Click ‘Start Agent’, from the target machine.
  4. A message is saying ‘Stellar Agent is ready to accept connection’ in the ‘Status’ box.
  5. On the source machine, under the ‘Remote Recovery’ option, click ‘Connect’.
  6. A message is saying, ‘Successfully connected to remote agent’ appears after the connection established.
  7. In the ‘Remote Recovery’ module, the software displays a list of all the hard drives and volumes present on the target machine.
  8. You can choose ‘Quick Recovery’, ‘Deleted Recovery’, ‘Advance Recovery’, and ‘Raw Recovery’ options to recover data from the target computer.
  9. Finally, the recovered data can be saved at any desired location.


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