3 Best PC Tools To Recover Deleted Photos From SD Card

Recently I had attended scribbling day in my college, on the last day, and was just going through my memories with all friends. Suddenly, I don’t know how I just pressed delete button after selecting all images. My all precious batch of images gone from my camera memory card within seconds. I never had such deep feeling of regret. Those pictures were the only memories I had of my last day in college and to get them I have researched a lot. I have tried many photo recovery tools, and here I am going to discuss those tools and my experience with them.

Accidentally deleted files from your SD card are not permanent deletion. An SD card keeps all the files in the same place even after formatting, the reason you see that space empty is the file system. When you perform formatting on your SD card or delete photos, the file system mark that place as empty and when you save a new data, it replaces the old one with a new photo or any other data file. If you quickly stop using the affected card, you still have chances of recovering the lost file using a third party data recovery software. There are various free and paid options available according to every operating system, usually paid programs are much easier to use. Here I will let you know about all those tools which I have used to recover my lost photos from SD card.


Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery tool is a highly recommended photo recovery utility. It efficiently recovers all lost or deleted photos, music, and video files from both internal and external storage drives along with SD cards, and digital cameras. This complete photo recovery software supports a recovery of almost all photo, video, and audio file formats. Additionally, this tool also supports the recovery of HD MOV files. While working with this tool, you can easily scan, preview and save deleted photo without changing their original file quality and names. This tool can also scan storage devices having a storage capacity of 2TB.


Undelete 360

Undelete 360 is a free product, which can work amazingly with some data loss situations. This efficient tool helps you to retrieve your lost files by modules like scanning your computer for deleted photos and allow you to recover them. This free recovery software can scan any drive whether it is a part of internal memory or externally connected USB port. It is a reliable product so you can surely rely on it to recover your deleted or lost photos from formatted or corrupt SD card.

TestDisk PhotoRec


PhotoRec is an easy-to-use SD card recovery utility. This amazing tool is capable of recovering deleted or lost photos along with music, video, and multimedia files. It supports recovery from every type of data storage device such as a camera, SD card, smartphone, memory card, USB device, PC, Mac, MP3, etc. PhotoRec can provide efficient recovery from many disasters like accidental deletion, corruption or formatting errors and much more. This free software provides safe and risk-free recovery and performs read- only operations on your memory card. This tool does not change the quality of photos available on the SD card save the data from further damage and overwriting.

Recovery Steps:

  1. To initiate recovery from the above-mentioned tools, you need to download and install them first on your system & launch the product
  2. Connect the effected SD card to your system and scan the device to search the lost or deleted photos and other media files
  3. After scanning, preview all the found files and save the files to your desired location

Note: Every recovery software has its interface and different modules, which you will get to know when you launch the tool and check all the features. The interface of all the above-mentioned tools is very easy. Hopefully, you will not face any difficulty while using them.


As I have tried all the tools mentioned above and concluded that Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is the most efficient tool as it is comparatively faster and it has recovered my RAW files as well. Also, this tool performed above all and recovered over 80% of files I’ve needed.

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