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AVG PC TuneUP 2015-Review

AVG is already known as one of the best protection tools providing company. If you open a webpage on internet it will take so much time but second time it will not take much time because all the images, CSS some stuff is stored in the computer and that stuff is called cache.

Similarly when you are opening your file explorer in your computer same thing happens directories that you are opening are stored in cache to optimize the performance and to provide you the fastest results. If you are browsing very heavily, cache may take some gigabytes of memory and that is necessary to clean it.

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AVG PC TuneUP 2015-Review

It doesn’t matter whether you are browsing in your Android device, iOS device or on your windows machine. Cache is always cache and it takes memory that should be cleaned. We have many solutions but here we are with AVG PC TuneUP 2015.

AVG PC TuneUp 2015 Main Dashboard

What is AVG PC TuneUP 2015?

AVG Zen Performance is a software by AVG, which stands for Anti-Virus Guard. This software monitors your computer for any issues in your computer regarding performance and boosts your computer to deliver full performance.

Usage and features

Zen comes with many features. It lets you to manage all your devices at a single place

You can add your devices from one computer and you can monitor that from one place

After installing if you launch program it asks you three options

  • Protection
  • Performance
  • Privacy and identity

If you go with protection it will install AVG anti-virus in your computer.

If you go with performance, it is already installed in your computer and we are reviewing that option now.

If you go with privacy and identity it will install AVG identity.

You will have messages on the right top which will show the errors of your device and provides you the solution there.

When you click on performance it will open a pop up with administrator privileges and there you will find many options and this pop up is AVG TuneUp. AVG TuneUp has many modules to clean your PC effectively.

AVG 1-Click Maintenance

  • AVG 1-Click Maintenance: This option will optimize your computer in one click. This will perform all the operations listed below with one click.

iOS Cleaner

  • AVG Cleaner of iOS: This is just iOS version and you can monitor iDevice from your machine.

Economy Mode

  • AVG Economy Mode: Economy mode is that optimizes your system for general use. Cleans cache, registry and all other stuff. This helps you increase the battery life of laptop and minimum power consumption on your machine.

Increase Performance Profile

  • AVG Increase Performance: This module increases the performance of your device.

Fix Problems

  • AVG Fix Problems: This module fixes the issues or problems of your system.
  • AVG Program Deactivator: If you are not using any program, for example many default programs in devices we won’t use and this module will deactivate that programs.

AVG Registry Cleaner

  • AVG Registry cleaner: Cleans registry and optimizes it. All unwanted registry entries are deleted by this module.

Registry Editor

  • AVG Registry Editor: Registry editor module will help you to edit registry.
  • AVG Repair Guard: This module will help you to repair any corrupted programs.

AVG Shortcut Cleaner

  • AVG Shortcut Cleaner: Many softwares after uninstalling their program they won’t remove their shortcuts and this module will delete it.

AVG StartUp Manager

  • AVG StartUp Manager: This will shows you all the startup programs and helps you to disable startup programs
  • AVG StartUp Optimizer: Startup Optimizer will automatically suggests you the program to disable because that is taking high CPU usage or using high RAM
  • AVG styler: If you are using windows 7 this module will help you to install different themes for start menu. There are many themes and you can download them.
  • AVG System Control: This module controls the system like CPU process and all other stuff.
  • AVG Uninstall Manager: You have uninstall manager that helps you to uninstall the program, deletes leftovers like shortcuts, registry entries etc…
  • Password Protection: Password protection module protects TuneUp Utility with password and this helps you to run this utility only by you
  • AVG Process Manager: You can enable this module and this helps you to replace your task manager with this AVG process manager

On the home page of AVG TuneUp Utilities you will have four options.

  • Maintenance: This option will scan your PC and shows you the recommendations for optimization. It will be done automatically with three days gap.
  • PC performance: This option will ask you your internet speed, visual performance, unused programs. It won’t list unused programs but asks how many days the program should be unused if that program want to show unused program
  • PC health: this option is nothing but the messages you will get on Zen top right
  • Rescue Center: If anything went wrong due to AVG tuneup utility this will undo all the changes made by the software

This software has defragment options for hard disk, registry for better performance


AVG TuneUp Utilities 2015 is  jam-packed with features that actually work as they are supposed to. It is a must have for people who want to keep their system as new one for years.

Visit AVG PC TuneUp Utilities.

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