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There are so many SEO tools available for bloggers, webmasters to check their site positions in popular search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. For Mac users there is a shortage for SEO tools, luckily we have Anchorium. Anchorium is a free SEO software for Mac users, it helps you to gain good positions on Google and other search engines.

What is Anchorium?

Anchorium is a free webmaster tool for Mac that allow you to examine all links in your website or blog. Program is currently available in developers website for free, and soon the official App Store versions is available.

Anchorium works like a website “spider” while trying to mimic the crawling (the behind-the-scenes website page analysis) of the Google bot as much as possible. While the Google bot scans, analyzes and interprets your sites’ pages, it doesn’t reveal the results of their findings to you. Anchorium, on the other hand, will perform an analysis but will help you understand how the pages of your websites are linked together and, for example, how Google might evaluate your website.

To get started, head over to the developer website and download the program. App don’t need any installation, after downloading you can start app. The UI of the Anchorium is pretty easy to understand, you don’t need to be a novice user to start using it. All you need is a knowledge of SEO, internal linking strategies.


User interface carries three section, Project summary which contains project name and URL of the website which need to be analyzed. Bottom of the UI contains analyzed part of the URL, which contains all internal and outbound URL links related to site.

A free SEO software for Apple computers ( iMac, MacBook ). It will help you optimize your web site and gain positions on google.

It works by scanning all links on a webpage and checks each one for you. Once the process of examining the links is complete it shows the results in filters by URL, Tittle, Depth, Links In, Links out and Weight.

The main aim of Anchorium is to help you to analyze site infrastructure by understanding site linking for further improvements. App is completely free of cost and available for download in developers website. Anchorium is currently funding in KickStarter with a goal of $20,000.


It is one of the best free Mac SEO tool that has far exceeded my expectations. Give it a try and improve your site rankings.

Download Anchorium Free SEO Tool For Mac.

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