FamilyTime Review- Finally an App for Tracking Cell Phones Easily!

You might have been wondering if there is an app that can give you a detailed history of where your kids have been. For this concern, the suitable app is FamilyTime because it can give you the detailed location history along with time and date details for each visit. Tracking cell phones isn’t hard anymore; thanks to FamilyTime. Give a read to my detailed FamilyTime review I hope it can guide you about how you can use it to check whereabouts.

What is FamilyTime?

FamilyTime is a new-age parental control app that basically empowers parents to stay connected with their children. This is ideal for those parents who are either working or if their children have to be out of home most of the day. With FamilyTime, parents can keep a safety check on their teens and their whereabouts.

Why it’s different?

FamilyTime is not an app which you will have to use secretly. It will not pull your child’s info without their consent. This app is not a hidden app so you need to take your children into confidence. You have to discuss and share the importance of the app and why you need to monitor them. FamilyTime app will collect location details from their smartphones and you can view the details from your dashboard. You can use it via the FamilyTime app or from any web-enabled device through the FamilyTime web dashboard and view or manage their profiles.

FamilyTime Dashboard

How FamilyTime works?

You don’t have to follow a long process to start locating them. Simply, register and activate your FamilyTime Parent Account which is free and then log into your account. Now you can easily download the app on your child’s smartphone or tablet and activate it. As you get one with this, you can stay connected with your kids, anytime and at any place.
FamilyTime – Dashboard – Parent dashboard

As you log into your account, you will see your FamilyTime dashboard. On your dashboard, each child’s profile will appear and from there you can change settings for each child profile, view reports and lock the phone. You can easily customize and make different settings for each of your child add profiles and change settings any time.

FamilyTime Review

FamilyTime Child dashboard

So as you might have guessed, FamilyTime has separate versions for children and parents. So the FamilyTime app for Children is easier to use and your children can send you SOS alerts, PickMeUp alerts with just a tap.

FamilyTime features and specs

  • Location monitoring
  • Check location history and know where they have been.
  • Put specific places to Places list and get alerts whenever they enter or exit those places.
  • Track their current location on the virtual map.
  • Get panic alerts if they’re in need, and instantly check their current location.
  • Get auto alerts whenever they enter or leave certain locations.

Other features

Web monitoring

  • View Internet browsing history.
  • Check bookmarks and favorites.
  • View how frequently they visited specific sites.

Phone monitoring

  • Monitor call logs
  • Check call timing along with date stamps
  • Put screen locks
  • Watchlist contacts
  • Receive alerts on any contact in the Watchlist contacts list
  • Check all their installed apps
  • Check app version and date of installation for the apps
  • Blacklist harmful apps and games
  • Go for FamilyTime, make phone tracking simpler!

Best part of FamilyTime is that it’s easy to activate and easy to use. You can add different profiles and keep track of whereabouts for all of them. Tracking cell phones isn’t a hard or complex process now, so keep on safeguarding them and stay calm!

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