RWATCH R10 SmartWatch – Review

Smart watch’s, health monitors, pedometers and activity trackers are latest trendsetters in technology. The smart watches, aimed at health-conscious people as well as latest technology adopters. If you are looking for a budget friendly smart watch with all features including SIM cards slot and compass meet RWATCH R10. The RWATCH R10 is an attempt to make smartwatches sexy, cool, or just an everyday health checking device. It’s exactly what you think it is, exactly what it should be. Simply it is a futuristic smartwatch.

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RWatch R10 Bluetooth SmartWatch Review

RWATCH R10 Design and Specifications

Instead of opting for a traditional circular watch face, R10 has a square face. The watch comes in three Champagne Gold, Black and silver colors and features a microphone and speaker for making calls. Aesthetically, the RWATCH R10 smart watch is considerably nicer than many other wearables, especially in this price range. Built-in SIM card slot is useful to make calls independently without a smartphone as a companion.

The flexible silicone strap is comfortable to wear, and the watch unit itself is lightweight. The watch face itself has a 1.54-inch square display with a 240×240-pixel resolution. Viewing angles are good, meaning in any angle the watch get an optimal view. Simply R10 is a complete fusion of style and technology with a silicone strip and beautifully designed body. You can wear this smartwatch anywhere you go, it looks good and as well as gives you accurate info of your daily activities.

Like all traditional smartwatches, R10 can receive notifications from a smartphone. You can receive notifications from Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and etc. Along with you can make calls from your watch to the smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

RWATCH R10 Heart Rate Monitor

There are some features that seem deeply health related but are actually quite useful, heart rate monitor, pedometer and sleep tracking are in the list. It is one of the best watch, I can wear comfortably on my relatively small wrists. The RWATCH has 1.5 inch 240x240LCD display, high sensitivity microphone for easy conversation and packed with 380mAh Polymer battery. The watch is meant never to come off your wrist. The battery has enough power to run continuously for hours.


The Rwatch app is fairly standard activity-tracking fare. It shows data of your motion, heart rate and sleep over time for when you do things like meet your step goal or sleep particularly well. It gives accurate data to calculate your body health maintenance.

RWATCH R10 Features

It can also be used for tracking, it has wide variety of features like Heart rate monitoring, pedometer to track daily moments like distance walked speed and number of steps, energy consumption, sleep tracking to calculate quality of sleep and much more. Most of the Rwatch R10 features is health related if you are a health conscious person R10 is your best companion.

Rwach R10 can measures the users health monitoring every time when the user exercises with no maximum time limit.


It is a new wearable smartwatch to accomplish all your smartphone tasks from your hand. When you wear on your hand people notice and it will tell you it is a nice watch, if you tell about its features they definitely feel surprising super cool gadget on your wrist.

Price: $48.99

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