Lose Weight Without Dieting App Review

A smartphone is an all-round performer, it helps to communicate with others, play music for you captures your precious moments and even it becomes your personal trainer. When it comes to health and fitness we consult the doctor to gain or lose weight. With the passage of time, the app database of Android and iOS started expanding and a lot of fitness-related tools gained attention on both platforms.If you have an Android or iOS smartphone you never need physician or doctor for losing weight.

A simple app called “Lose Weight Without Dieting” will help you to achieve your goals. It is a great fitness-oriented app which lets you track your food habits and helps you to maintain your correct weight. The concept behind the app is: staying fit and healthy is one of the key factors for success. Interesting isn’t it? please red our full review of “Lose Weight Without Dieting“.

Terms and Conditions


To get started, simply download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store depending on the device you have. In the first run, the app asks to agree some terms and conditions. After signup  you can start creating a fitness program for yourself.

Home Screen


After agreeing terms and conditions, here you need to enter information about yourself like gender, age, height, weight, lifestyle, target weight and notification options. After entering all the important information, the app shows the main menu. Here the app gives some instructions to understand easily. However, for new users, there is a rather lengthy procedure. But you need to enter every detail asked by the app to understand you better.

LWWD Statistics

The main user interface shows the list icons with detailed meaning. The options are self-explanatory. It includes a number of predefined categories, ranging from Food Items and Statistics to Nutrition Programs and Exercises. The first option in the main menu is statistics, in-depth it contains your body data like weight, BWH, Calories, PFC (Protein, Fat, Carbs) and water consumption data. In this section, you have to enter your details manually. The application provides a comprehensive way to add your items into its database.

Food Details

Food items section has the daily meals details, it shows Breakfast, Brunch, Launch, Aft Snack, Dinner and other. Every section is so detailed, it has some preset food items to easily choose from. If your item is not present in the list you can enter it manually. Once you have chosen the food, along with its correct quantity, the app will calculate the calorie gain all by itself.

LWWD Calender

There is a note present on the main screen, which is useful to set your mood, dairy, and photo. Another useful feature is Calender, it automatically adds and organizes all the data you’ve entered above and shows the food habit and exercise activity in the particular date. It maintains a history of your past food habits and workouts. At the end of the day, you can track all your food habits, exercise activities in one user interface.



The exercises section contains various exercise to choose from. The app has a good database of simple exercises. During a session, the screen displays the number of times, minutes, and the number of burnt calories. The app is pretty good at tracking your food sessions in real-time, and the app excels at calculating the impact of these habits on your health as well.

Nutrition Programs


The main aim of the app is to make you fit and healthy. All lies in a hard work and dedication if you have a strong determination to lose weight and stay fit without going to gym this app really helps you to achieve goals. You just need to pay attention to entering details and following the app suggestions.

The app is available for free on both iOS and Android, so give it a try if you want some planning to lose your weight without a diet.

Lose Weight Without Dieting App for Android

Lose Weight Without Dieting App for iOS

Lose Weight Without Dieting App Review
8.3 Overall
Features Usability
Outdated Look
You just need to pay attention to entering details and following the app suggestions.
User Interface7
Value For Money8.5

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