Top 5 FPS / TPS Android Games For September 2015

One of the most preferred Game category by the Hardcore Gamers is Shooting Games. Here, we prepared a list of Top 5 Shooting Games (First Person Shooter (FPS) / Third-Person Shooter (TPS)) for the September 2015.


5. Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn

It is an FPS game with ‘Borderland’ style gameplay. You have more enemies and quest in this game with nice graphics in a Cel-Shaded look. You can choose from 4 different class with 8 different adventure backgrounds with more than 100’s of skill combinations. 7 Categories of weapons with tons of Weapon and Armor Drops which balance the combat gaming to the satisfactory level. In the Shoot and Loot gameplay,  you have to look for Gold, Mythril, and Weapons to loot. Also, you can get them by completing Missions. Battle with Boss is a nice addition to the game. Last but not least, this game is Multiplayer with 4 players Co-op with 8 persons in PVP mode. Team Task mode add more fun to the game.

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour FPS

4. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

This is Action FPS game and considered as one of the best Modern Combat Game. With amazing Graphics, this game promising Console like feel while playing from your device. Here you can play both as Hero and Villain to experience the both sides. Two modes available, one is Campaign mode and another is Multiplayer mode. Multiplayer Mode is the real addictive factor of this game, where you can play 12 player Deathmatches or you can join other players to play Objective based modes. Hardcore Gamer’s are gifted with the Leaderboard to rank with the top players. This is definitely the best Combat game.

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3. ShadowGun Deadzone

This is one more game that comes with Console Quality Graphics. Gameplay is Multiplayer Combat with up to 12 players, with 2 Different modes – Deathmatch and Zone Control and having 10 playable Characters. As a Combat Shooting  game, this game provides tons of weapons with the upgradeable option. New elements will be unlocked only when the rank increases. So, you have to rush the game to unlock all elements to dominate the game. With all the amazing features and gameplay, this game is free to download and play.

Call of Duty Strike Team TPS android Game

2. Call of Duty: Strike Team

Call of Duty: Strike Team is both FPS and TPS game with Top notch Graphics. Of Course, like other games giving the Console playing Experience in the Smartphone / Tablets. Two Different Play modes available – Campaign Mode and Survival Mode. Campaign mode is Single Player Missions whereas in Survival Mode you can play with your friends and family. The biggest disappointment in this game is missing of Multiplayer mode. But, this game is worth for its Console Gaming experience.

Dead Trigger 2

1. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is the No.1 Game with more than 40 million downloads in this category and the reason is none other than the addicting gameplay with good playing experience. Graphics is, without a doubt, stunning and its Top of all other FPS games in the Android Platform. With continuously updating content, this game is triggering the Joy of playing with its Multiplayer mode. Finally, You don’t need my word to download this fantastic game.

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