Virtual Machine Applications To Run More Than One Operating System – Windows / Linux / Mac

While we cross through an App or a software program that would be useful for us but only run in different OS that what we are using, we will think that we are not lucky to use that App or Software. But, there is an easy solution to run more than one OS in same machine with emulated using Virtual Machine Applications. Using the Virtual Machine Applications, we can run windows, Mac and Linux at the same time. They are mostly available in free versions and few are paid versions. So, nothing will stop you from trying it. Here, we introducing 6 virtual machine applications to try.

Oracle VirtualBox

VirtualBox (Mac / Windows / Linux) – Free

VirtualBox is the most popular and most usable virtual machine application. Being it is a project of Oracle it features a high and rich tool with good customization. Virtual Box is good for both enterprise solution and normal home use. It is an open source software with General Public License Version 2.

IT supports Linux, Windows, Mac and Solaris systems to install and use as a host. And It supports Guest Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, and OpenBSD. One of the main features of Virtual Box is it is the effort of the developing community with the support of Oracle in the back. The Professional quality is the reason for its grand success.

VMware (Windows / Linux ) – Premium

VMware is a company which provides many solutions for the virtualization. They produce two machine applications VMware Workstation Player and VMware Workstation Pro. First one is for normal home users with regular features. Another product is for high-end users like developers, designers etc. with many more special features. Both the products are premium paid versions.

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Parallels (Mac / Windows / Linux) – Premium

This is a popular virtual machine in Mac to run Windows inside Mac. More than 5 Million copies of products sold in Parallels for Mac alone. Also Parallels for Windows and Linus available. This is good virtual machine application that use the CPU efficiently while switching between OS. Many more special features added in this product, as it is a premium product. The standard version is for everyone and the Pro version is made especially for Developers, Testers, Designers and Power users.

QEMU (Linux) – Free

QEMU (Quick EMUlator) is another open source Virtual Machine. It is running under the Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM). It is running on hosts without any need for administrative privileges. So, it can be useful if you want to use VM in a portable drives like USB, SD card etc. As this is an open project, the software is regularly getting updated

Windows Virtual PC (Windows) – Free

Windows Virtual PC is specially made to run the earlier versions of Windows. Though it has so many limitations it is the best option for people who need to run the applications that only can run on earlier versions of windows.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp – (Mac OS X) – Free

Boot Camp is not a Virtual Machine, but it allows users to boot dual OS – Windows and OS X. Boot camp is the product of Apple, so Mac users can use it without any worries. But, the downside is it took the partition of hard disk for both the OS installed and it shares the hard disk into half for each OS. Only Hard disk with more space can run both OS side by side without any lagging in applications. But, running Dual OS is better than just emulating.

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