Best iOS and Android Games for Girls – Part 1- Celebrity Stardom Games

In the pool of millions of games in iTunes app store and Google Play store, there are very few games for girls. Though girls are playing the power puffed action games, casual games, strategy games etc., still there are games for girls available in all the stores. Mostly the Girl category games are based on a stardom in Movies or TV, Fashion clothing, and beauty, Cooking, Party games etc. Here we cover the topic of Movie Stardom games for girls. We picked our best games in this category.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game for Girls

Kim Kardashian – Hollywood

This game is a journey of a clothing store consultant into a Hollywood stardom. Throughout the journey, the famous US Celebrity Kim Kardashian will guide players. In the gameplay, you cross over the Photoshoot, Paparazzi, Promotional ideas, dating with celebrity etc. You will be given with tasks to be completed to progress in the game. This game is already in  top downloads in both the Apple and Google stores. Download for iOS devices here and for Android here.

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Star Girl Game for Android and iOS

Star Girl

In this game, you can choose to be a Singer, Actor or Model. As like many other games, you have to achieve higher in your career as a Celebrity. Also, you can find friends and date. It has some attractive Soccer Fashion outfits and much more in the gameplay. Download for iOS here and for Android here.

Stardom: Hollywood Game for iOS / Android

Stardom: Hollywood

This is a Hollywood movie star career game. The player has to be an Actress in Hollywood and manage the career with a gameplay, which includes manage to get an agent to get opportunities, participating in TV Shows, acting in Movies and many more. Download for iOS here and for Android here.


MovieStar Planet

This game is little bit deviated from the above. In this game, the player has to create beautiful looks and have to make movies get fame. You can earn coins for other players watching your movies. You can also interact with friends. This could be a different experience than other games. Download for iOS here and for Android here.

Stardom: The A-List

Stardom: The A-List

In this game, You start from a common girl to become an A-List Celebrity and then the gameplay goes as same as other celebrity games such as going for parties, getting opportunities, earning money and fame, media interactions, trendy fashion etc. You can try this game to live the life of a celebrity in the simulation. Download for iOS here and for Android here.

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