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IObit Advanced SystemCare 9 Free Review

IObit Advanced SystemCare is a comprehensive system cleanup and utility solution. It is an all-in-one solution to clean, optimize, speed up and protect your PC. The software is completely compatible with the Windows 10. The speedy one-click approach of the tasks is quite an impressive feature. Apart from the previous versions, IObit had accepted a modern UI and the new design of the dashboard is quite attractive. Speedy processes of it have a great hand in saving our valuable time. The installation itself is a speedy one. It takes only 2 minutes to complete the whole installation process.

The features of the previous versions are copy pasted to the new version and there are new utilities like auto RAM cleanup and deep optimization. The software was introduced with many new features to make it perfect in all aspects. The system resources used by the Advanced system care is very low when compared to other optimization software. Let’s have a thorough look into the new IObit Advanced SystemCare 9 Free Review.

IObit Advanced SystemCare 9 Free: The Interface

The IObit Advanced SystemCare 9 Free has a simple and yet modern user interface. A rounded Scan button is the first eye catcher of the main interface. They designed it as some multiple designed lines rotate around the Scan text, it is quite nice to watch. IObit classified all the features into separate tabs called Cleaning, Speeding Up, and protection of your PC. You can select the options that you want for your computer from the main interface itself. Moreover, Advanced System Care has three different themes, namely, classic, readable, and dark. In the image below, you can see the classic theme in action.


The below screenshot is of the Readable theme. As the name itself suggests, The theme increases the readability of the content. The grey gradient on the back provides a clearer vision on the text and the buttons. Apart from the other two themes, this on is simple and minimal in looks. A simple scan button with the blue background is placed on the main interface alongside with some traditional buttons and text designs.


This is the Dark theme is quite similar to the Classic theme, but still has some differences. The modern approach in the design made this one of my favorite.


IObit Advanced SystemCare 9 Free: Features – A Complete Review

The IObit Advanced SystemCare 9 Free edition is a power packed All in one solution. On the first look, we notice 5 main tabs named as Clean & Optimize, Speed Up, Protect, Toolbox and Action Center. The various tasks done by them should cover almost all our needs. The speedy task completion is the most attractive feature of this mighty software. The ultra-fast processing speed completes all tasks in time, without boring you. Now let’s have a look into the complete features of the product.

Clean & Optimize


A section dedicated for 1 click maintenance of your PC. In other words, a physician who diagnoses all the problems and gives solutions for them. This section mainly contains some useful and important categories. They are given below.

  • Spyware Removal: To remove the harmful threats.
  • Registry Clean: To Cleanup the Registry, thus avoid registry errors.
  • Privacy Sweep: Clears the saved passwords, history, and privacy settings.
  • Junk File Clean: To clear the unwanted files to save disk space.
  • Internet Boost: Boost the Internet speed by optimizing the settings.
  • Shortcut Fix: Removes broken shortcuts.
  • Registry Defrag: To defrag Registry, thus speed up the system processes.
  • System Optimization: To optimize the system in all aspects like Performance and Errors.
  • Security Defense: A defense system to protect your PC from malware or virus attacks.
  • Disk Scan: Scans hard disk for any errors and fixes the errors if needed.
  • Vulnerability Fix: Fixes any vulnerabilities that may harm your PC.
  • Disk optimization: Optimizes the hard disk to improve the speed.
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You can select your preferences for your system. If you are preferring to turn them all on. It might be an all in one protection layer to it. After choosing the options, You can start the Optimization by Simply clicking on the ‘Scan‘ button. The process will start to detect all the problem in your PC. The window might look like this.


After all the categories are completely scanned. The summary of the scanning will be shown. The tick mark on the right side of each category shows, the section is secure and no problems are detected. If any gutters are there, it will be shown as a number or the size of the errors. You can analyze them to detect the problems affected your PC and proceed to the next step to fix them. You can start the problem fixing by clicking on the ‘Repair‘ button on the bottom right corner.


Once you clicked on the Repair button, The IObit Advanced SystemCare 9 Free will start to fix those problems and the progress will be shown on the right side as a beautiful speedometer structured line fills in round shape around the catchy Percentage.


Once the Iobit software completely cleaned up all the problems in your Computer, a Window saying the ‘Repair Completed!‘ will be shown. All the details of the fixed errors will be shown on the window.


After completing the Full scan and the Fixes, you will definitely experience the speed up. The unwanted junk files or malware that may have caused the system slow down will be completely on the waste Bin. So, will definitely get a better user experience on your PC.



The SpeedUp section contains all the tools to optimize the PC and improve the Speed. The easily understandable features are the main attraction of the ASC9. You don’t have to search the web to find about a feature. Simply mouse over it and a description will be shown detailing the use of that specific tool. The SpeedUp section contains These features:

  • Turbo Boost: A simple one click tool to increase the system performance by releasing RAM and CPU usage. This is a great helper when your PC is running slow.
  • Startup Accelerate: To accelerate the startup speed by disabling unwanted startup applications. You can simply select the unwanted startup applications that may slowing down your PC and click on the ‘Optimize‘  button to fix all of them.iobit-advanced-systemcare-9-classic-speedup-dashboard-optimize
  • Deep optimization: Deep optimizations section allows you to boost the performance by tweaking some basic settings of the Operating system like Aero, program optimization, auto memory allocation etc. A great tool which can considerably increase the performance.iobit-advanced-systemcare-9-classic-speedup-dashboard-deep-optimization
  • App/Toolbar Cleaner: This feature is to improve the performance by cleaning up the unwanted or unused programs. Not only the programs, but you can manage the plugins, toolbars, extensions and even some Windows features to improve the performance. The app cleaner automatically recommends removing some programs that are no longer used.iobit-advanced-systemcare-9-classic-speedup-dashboard-app-toolbar-cleaner
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This is a robust section on the Advanced system care 9. The IObit introduced so many versatile features than the previous versions. The real-time protection of your PC now cares by the Worlds most popular System Cleanup and utility software. Never worry about the naughty malware or spam. The concrete wall made by the Advanced protection suites can kill the malware. This section contains some features that can be turned ON or OFF according to our needs to protect our computer.


The section Includes:

  • HomePage Protection: To protect your homepage from malicious tweaks.
  • Browser Anti-Tracking: Protects you from being tracked by cleaning up the privacy traces upon browser exit.
  • Real-time Protector: To protect the PC from spyware in all the time.
  • DNS Protect: To prevent malware’s from modifying your system DNS settings.
  • System Reinforce: Protects from hacking and spamming
  • Surfing Protection: Protects from all online threats.

You can choose any of them as per your requirements. But some of them are only available in paid version of the application. But, we must say that the software is worthy to buy and install on your computer to protect you all the time.



Toolbox section is the App store of the Advanced system care. Various programs that are already installed or to be downloaded are shown in the Toolbox. You can download them if they are not installed. It includes various products to speed up, optimize and maintain your computer. Smart defrag for defragmenting, Driver booster for Driver Updates, Start menu 8 for tweaking the start menu settings are some favorite stars of the Toolbox. You can also select your Favorites and Put them in position to access them easily

Action center


The last and final section of the Advanced System care 9 Window. The software update and the new product promotions of the IObit are the members of this House. The software update automatically finds the outdated software and recommends you to update them. You can manually update them one by one or in bulk. You can also find various useful tools for your computer.

Now you got the complete idea about the Advanced System Care 9. Through our complete IObit Advanced SystemCare 9 Free review, we have given a good idea about almost all features of the product. Now we can look into some other small things you want to know about the software.



The Toolbar of the ASC is not noticeable at the first look. The 3 lined modern layout of it has an artistic proclamation in it. But, As it is an important one in any software, It should be very clear and effective to the users. The newbies can’t find the menu unless they search for it. Once you click on it, a list with so many options will pop up. The setting can be controlled through the Settings tab on the list. The skins of the ASC are controlled here. We can even add some more likable skins or we may change the background of the Dashboard through the options given on the Menu. If, you are not comfortable with the font size and view, You may also change them from Font Size tab.

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Once we clicked on the Settings tab, we will get a window like below. That is the workshop of all the features of the software. Tweak them only if you are aware of what you are going to do. You can change almost any settings of the program from the Settings window.


Note: Be careful when tweaking the settings, As it can lead to some misconfigurations, don’t change them unless you are aware of what you are doing.

Don’t like this much of Advanced settings? ASC has the solution for it. You can simply turn ON and OFF the features with a single mouse click. Full Detection, Registry Deep clean, Auto RAM clean and Surfing Protection are some of them. The Screenshot of the Quick settings window is given below.


What’s new in this version:

  • Complete Windows 10 integration: Support cleaning and optimization of Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, Modern Apps etc…
  • Crafted with the new modern UI: More user-friendly and support large Font Size and high resolution
  • Win 10 reinforce: Provide system protection specialized for Windows 10.
  • Speed Up feature: Optimizes system, startup programs, Hard disk, and Browsers.
  • Auto RAM clean: Let’s you SpeedUp RAM automatically by stopping unwanted system processes.


  • All in one PC Optimization Toolkit.
  • Easily Understandable UI.
  • Toolbox for downloading new apps
  • Speed optimization when compared to Other Softwares


  • Menu bar is Not quite visible

What CNET Says about Advanced System care

“This easy-to-use and informative application cleans, configures, and optimizes your PC.”

“Advanced SystemCare is a great all-in-one PC utility that can scan, repair, and optimize many aspects of your system.It aims to remedy whatever ails your computer by not only cleaning up junk files, malware, and invalid registry entries, but by giving your computer a boost to optimize your PC experience.”-Cnet


The comprehensive full PC doctor has the ability to completely protect your system from any problems. This software is worthy to be in your computer. If you care about your PC then you must install it. After all, it is a free software.

via IObit

IObit Advanced SystemCare 9 Free Review
9.8 Overall
Power packed features
The comprehensive full PC doctor has the ability to completely protect your system from any problems. This software is worthy to be in your computer. If you care about your PC then you must install it. After all, it is a free software.
Value for money10

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