Xender File Sharing App Review – The Fastest Data Transfer App

Filesharing needs are increasing day by day and the users are in search of better apps for sharing files in blazing speed. Bluetooth was the best way to share the files wirelessly before some years. Later the filesharing was dominated by the apps which can share the files faster than Bluetooth using the same technology. This domination also no longer existed. The arrival of the wifi file sharing which is many times faster than the ordinary Bluetooth sharing became the favourite of the users. Later, so many apps came with the wifi file sharing feature and dominated the file sharing field completely and the Bluetooth became only a secondary choice.

Xender is such an app which uses the wifi technology to transfer files quickly over two wifi enabled devices. The same technology used to transfer data between the Wifi router and our wifi enabled laptop is used in the xender to share the files. It has become the choice of millions within a few months of the arrival. Today, we are looking into the Xender File Sharing App Review. So let’s start.

Xender Filesharing app Features

Xender is a simple easy to use file sharing app which is well known for its extreme simplicity and fast file transfer. The app features Swipe and share feature which allows to share your files or apps with a single shake of your device. Xender can share any type of files from simple images to high-quality videos with a great speed which saves your time to a great extend.

To start sharing files, you want to open the xender app on both devices and from one of the devices you want to create a hotspot and the other device wants to join the hotspot. Now, both of the devices are connected together and can enjoy sharing files each other. You may also connect more than two devices at the same time and enjoy sharing simultaneously between all of the devices. Maximum speed utilization without high resource usage is a great plus point to this mighty file sharer.

Xender can share files with the PC too. The xender will provide a specific URL to access the apps and start sharing files. This was introduced recently while the older versions weren’t able to share files with the PC. This app can cross-share files to or from PC, Mac, IOS and Android. The speedy smart sharing enables the wifi data sharing speed at its extreme.

Quick Features of Xender

  • Allows multiple connections and simultaneous file sharing between all of them.
  • Swipe and share feature enables quick file sharing by just shaking your device.
  • Don’t need the files of the installed apps. Xender will automatically repack them and allows to share between friends.
  • You can browse all folders and apps from the app itself.
  • Keeps history of the Sent and Received files.


Xender is the best available option to share your files with high speed and uninterrupted connection. The app features so much to fulfil all of our needs. So, you must give it a try because it worthy to be on your smartphone for the coming days.

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