Best Alternatives To Google Chromecast 2

When it comes to media streaming Google Chromecast comes in our mind. Google recently released its second version Chromecast 2. All you need is a Television, and your Smartphone or tablet. With a simple HDMI and Wifi connection, you can cast your device on your big screen TV. We found the concept of mirroring or casting pretty interesting and useful. Now we came here with an idea of picking best alternatives to Google Chromecast 2.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon the A to Z giant e-commerce site has its own casting device Amazon Fire TV. The Amazon designed and manufactured device is a perfect alternative to the Google Chromecast 2. The latest version of Fire TV supports 4K videos casting, cloud-based voice assistance Alexa which is an alternative to Apple Siri and Google Now. It has few more features than Chromecast 2.

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Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku doesn’t need any introduction to the entertainment lovers. It has almost all features to entertain a person. It costs only $39.99 and comes with a ton of apps and decent play without much connecting effort.

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Apple TV

Apple TV

Apple fans like Apple TV as the best competitor to Chromecast 2. The Apple TV is a fantastic entertainment streaming device when compared to all other companies. It has robust build quality, excellent content, sync with iTunes support and many more. The latest version of Apple TV supports Siri and some third-party controllers.

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If you own a smart television the casting is pretty simple. Now the latest models of Samsung, LG, Sony televisions coming with built-in WiFi and casting features. If your television supports Wifi only you can still enjoy the mirroring or screencasting features with plenty of Android apps. We already covered Best DLNA apps for Android, these apps make your TV into a casting device. You can enjoy your smartphone media library directly on Television.



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