How to Get Paid Android Apps for Free

Paying for something is a bad part that all hates. Everyone needs everything for FREE and getting something free is a pleasant thing that increases the happiness on your face. Then what about the android apps?. There are millions of apps on the Play store and some of your favourites are costing something. Once you want to choose one for your device, always want to pay for that. Irritating, Isn’t it?. So, we wrote this article on How to get paid android apps for free. We are listing out some most useful ways to find some of your apps for free.

Disclaimer: You may not find all of your favourite paid apps for free by these methods, and you may need some patience to get them for free. We are not responsible for any problems you may face with these methods.

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Amazon Underground

Amazon underground is a great way to find hundreds of great paid apps for free. You can select from a variety of paid apps from the underground store and get them absolutely free of cost. Amazon introduced this store as an upgrade of the previous offer “free app of the day” where you can also get these type of promotions. By offering the free apps, they are not limiting the access to any of the paid features of the apps. You get the ultimate access as any paid users get. This is not any stolen or cracked versions of the apps. The developers are also getting paid for each of your installs and based on the time you spent on the app.

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Playstore Sales

Playstore Sales features the Playstore apps that are available for free or at extreme discounts. The list of Hundreds of apps will consist of your favourites too. You can find ultimate discounts up to 80% on many apps. If you are looking for the cheapest rate for the Playstore apps and can’t find it on the Amazon underground, Definitely visit this site.


Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards is an app which let you earn some Google play money which can be spent on buying paid apps on the Google play store. A little time taking task, but it is effective. Google sends some paid surveys, to the app users and if you complete them, you will get rewarded. You can earn up to $0.99 for each paid surveys. Not sounds a quick one and it may take more than a month to avail a $15 app from the playstore because google will send the Surveys once per week or more often. But some users may get even two surveys per day according to the participated surveys and the completion rate.


App of the Day

App of the day is an app that offers a paid app for Free each day. You will either get a paid app or the paid feature of a free app every day. You will be notified by the offers or deals where you can avail the free apps. By following the steps given, you can easily get one app in your pocket for free. Sometimes you may need to wait for the notifications to receive. But, it worths the patience because you are getting a paid app for free!

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Get Paid Apps Free

Get paid apps free is an app that let you complete offers, watch videos or use some apps for earning some rewards that can be used for availing the google play apps for free. The app deposits the earnings in a virtual account, and that can be used in most of the online stores for purchasing. It is very hard to earn using this app. But, it is still an option.



AppGratis is a website that is similar to all the above ones. It let you stop paying for apps. A bunch of useful apps are listed on the website, and you can select the right one of your choice. Generally, we can’t find great paid apps there, but it still shows some useful apps for our basic needs.

Now, you got some Websites and apps where you can earn some paid apps for free. Sometimes you may find some of them are not very quickly paying ones. But, still they work. Moreover, they are giving your favourite apps free of cost. So you may try them.


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