Why Telegram is Better Than WhatsApp – Explained

It’s not hidden that, WhatsApp rules the messaging worlds with more than 850 million active users. Being the king of the virtual community, it rules the tiny apps which compete. With the most authentic features, WhatsApp serving millions of users all over the world. There is no doubt in the features of WhatsApp and its robustness. But, when it comes to security and simplicity you may get a little weird about it.

Here comes the competitor Telegram which use the extreme encryption to the app. Moreover, it uses an open API to ensure the versatility. The telegram app is completely free for lifetime, while the WhatsApp disappoints with some ads and renewal pricing. So, in this article we have to compare the features of Whatsapp and the Telegram to explain the headline of this article, Why Telegram is Better Than WhatsApp – Explained. So, let’s start.


What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app which mainly focused on the security and speed. Moreover, it is available for both smartphones and the computer. It is a great feature while the WhatsApp is available for the smartphones only. The developers their self, says that,

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed.

These are the two things which we all are expecting from a messenger app. The high-end encryption of your messages provides the complete control over your files. You can decide whether to allow or block the receiver from storing the photos or any other kind of files. The Open API used is a unique feature apart from the traditional messenger apps. It’s a Free app for lifetime with no ads or banners which extremely focused on the simplicity. This simplicity in the design helps to improve the speed of the messenger. You can share almost any format of files through it, which is a great advantage while the Whatsapp blocks such features.

Why Telegram?

The first thing to focus on is that the app is completely free, for lifetime without those creepy ads and banners. While most of other messenger apps including WhatsApp shows some irritation ads and waiting time while loading some screen or while using it, the Telegram stands in a unique place. To provide the better user experience alongside with the simplicity and speed, the Telegram messaging app completely avoided the ads. This is a great feature which pulls it to rank better than the Whatsapp.

The cloud-based file storage can save our files without being hacked or stolen. The encryption and Decryption of the files ae completely up to you. Never worry about the privacy of your chat sessions or files, the auto clear features can be set as per your needs, which can completely erase your chat sessions and files from the cloud. Thus blocking the other users from accessing it.

What’s More there, than Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is a big name with a number of great features. But the Telegram has something more, which overtakes the popularity of the WhatsApp. Let’s have a look into it.

It’s Free for life without those creepy Ads

Nothing more to say than, it is completely free for lifetime. You can enjoy the service without no ads and banners. You will not be asked to complete any offers or surveys for extending the subscription. The free subscription to the account is completely manageable and you can erase the account any time from the entire web.

The Desktop is no more avoided

The Telegram features the complete desktop compatibility for any versions like Windows, Mac, or Linux. It is a great plus point that the WhatsApp missed. We don’t want to find a smartphone to use the app, but we can enjoy it with our sweet PC itself.

GIF’s which talks a lot

GIF’s can talk a lot better than some keyboard taps. The GIF feature included in the Telegram overtakes the WhatsApp with its extreme number of GIF’s which can be selected from the app itself or from the web.

Supports every format

While those WhatsApp and other messengers can’t transfer some formats like .pdf, the Telegram shows a difference even there. Any types of files available in your PC or smartphone can be send through the app without any blocking or supporting problem.

Bigger number of Group members

Whatsapp limited the number of users to 100. But the Telegram took revenge by allowing the double of it. 200 users can be joined in a group. If you have a big number of members to add in your group, Telegram is the better option.

Create your identity with Usernames

Usernames are the added feature of the Telegram, which allows you to specify a username for your account. If you don’t want to share your mobile number through the app, you can always set a username, which will be your identity all over the app. This is a great example to how telegram respects the privacy of the users. The privacy gone true through this Great feature.

Erase all your files if you don’t need them anymore

If you don’t need your files anymore and want to erase them forever without putting them to the wastebin. The Telegram has the feature which allows you to completely throw your files to the infinity. Anyone cant access the files any more after the complete removal process. If you are tensed about your and your files privacy over the internet. You can always go for this option.

Now, What?

Still confused about the selection?. If you are giving importance to your privacy and speed alongside with some decent features which can fulfill all your regular messaging needs, you can always go for the Telegram messenger. If you want something more with a good look and feel with some more accessibility features like voice call and such that, You can always go for the WhatsApp. Remember that the WhatsApp is such a giant in the field and the Telegram is a tiny one when compared to it. But, it has something more which can compete with the world messaging leader.


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    Col Stax Dec 30, 2015 at 11:16 pm

    Have you heard of Threema? Unlike Telegram, it encrypts all messages (including group messages and media files), and its servers are located in Switzerland. Currently the best and most secure messenger out there, if you ask me.

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