10 Things That Can Damage Your Computer

Computers were became a necessity among the people in a very short span of time. Today most of the people including me, spending hours in front of it without any problems. The computer is a friend who have versatile abilities thus we all love it as our real friend. There are so many things you know about how to use and well manage your system for its long living and well-being. But, still we doing something wrong which cause some problems rapidly. In this guide, I have listed the most dangerous actions that can make your computer to be on the savage dump. Read this carefully and avoid doing them to make your friend always with you.

1. Deleting System Files

System files are the essential files that must need by the computer to run normally. Deleting those files can cause some misbehaviors as well as some system crashes. For keeping them safe, the Operating system itself took some precautions like putting them in some specific folder and setting access credentials only for administrators, etc… Drive C:/ is the place where the important Operating system files are kept in our computer and any installations will be targeted the C:/ drive. System files are usually in .SYS, .DLL, or.EXE, formats and kept in the directories like Program Files, System32, Windows, Users, etc…

You all know that, the operations on the C:/ drive must be done with care and any unnecessary actions can badly affect our computer. Even though, sometimes when running out of storage, you force yourself to delete some files to free up disk space and your mighty target will be those C:/ drive files. The only thing that I have to say is that, Never ever delete any files in your C:/ drive unless you are aware of what you are going to do. And the C:/ drive operations are only recommended to one who knows all the basic functionalities of a computer and how to keep it safe. The Operating system files are kept there and if you have done something wrong, it may cause it to respond stragely sometimes it can even crash the OS. So, never take a chance.

2. Blocking Vents of the Computer

Trying to save some space may badly affect your computer. Blocking vents of the computer blocks the air flow and pulls the heat to the computer itself which cause serious problems. Most of you may kept the CPU case in some corners or inside some table pockets to save your space. Never do it again. Regular airflow is a must for computers, especially for some good performance ones. Modern hardware will produce some big amount of heat that needs to be cleared out to get a better cooling inside the system. If we block it, It may cause some burns to the Internal circuits. So, always keep your CPU case in an open area.

3. Excessive Gaming

Sorry to say that the Excess gaming can also be a problem to your computer. Being an gaming nerd, i also hate these words from me. But it is the fact. Gaming is always a passion among most of you, and some of you may gaming all the day in craze. You know that the games are stored in the HDD of your system and it needs random access while playing your games. While continuously playing some high graphic games, The Hard disk might be working on high pressure and accessing the random files with continuous moving of the internal disk and access heads. This may create some tears or scratches minutely. But frequent excessive gaming can make it bad, thus the system may load slowly due to the hard drive problem. So, Always keep a decent gaming time to protect your computer as well as your body

4. Pushing the CD/DVD Tray to Close it

Pushing the CD/DVD tray to close it is always an easy task than pressing the button by putting hands under the tray. But it is not good as pressing the button. If it was too much good, the manufacturers had avoided the eject button from the CD drive. Exerting the pressure on the Tray can damage the ejection mechanism inside it. If you continue to do it, The tray will rest in peace inside the drive itself. So, next time, press the button  instead of pushing the tray.

5. Switching off the System without Shutting Down

Closing the Programs >Going to Start menu >Clicking the Shutdown button > waiting for the computer to shut down. Too tough task. Isn’t it?. Idea!!! Just turn off the Power button, rocket speed task. You got it wrong man. This can kill your system within no time. Each and every running system needs some necessary precautions to safely shutdown the PC. If we interrupt it, the PC will take revenge very badly. The HDD is the most affected part with this action. The moving parts will suddenly lose the power and stops working. The head may be collecting data from the rotating disk. When you suddenly turn them off, it may cause serious scratches on the disk thus your HDD will frequently approach the last breath. Not only the HDD, but almost all parts will be badly affected by this quick thinking. So, you must avoid it. if you want your PC to be with you.

6. Cleaning the Screen with Liquids

You may have used to clean your screen with liquids. But from now onwards never clean it up with any kind of liquids even it is coming with some tag of Cleaning kits. Every display contain some protection coatings on it. When we trying to clean them using any type of liquids, the protection layer will get badly affected. The best way to clean your screen is to use some Dry Fibre cloths or smooth clothes which will not scratch the screen. Or you may also use the cloth in your eyeglass box.

7. Not Using an Antivirus

Antivirus is the protection layer of every system. In this hacking world, the importance of antivirus is really huge. Each and every day, new scripts which can badly damage your files or steal your data are being created. Antivirus blocks those malicious scripts and protects your files from being affected and provides an extra layer of protection. If you don’t have one, You must try some well-known antivirus software like Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, etc… Some of them providing even the Free edition which supports almost all basic functionalities. If you are planning to browse on internet, it is better to choose some Internet securities which provides both antivirus and Internet security solutions at the same time.

8. Opening the Computer Case When it’s Still Plugged In

If you are an intermediate on hardware operations, you might be fixing some small hardware issues yourself. Cleaning dust, Cleaning RAM, Changing Hard drive etc… But, sometimes you may be oprning the PC case for some operations while it is powered on. It is strongly prohibited. As it could affect the computera and moreover it may badly affect you because there will be electricity flowing through the computer or even through the case itself. It may cause some shocks or Burns to your body. So never open your computer case while the computer is turned on. Turn ot OFF and wait for some time for electricity to complete dry from the circuits. Then you can continue you operations on it.

9. Putting Magnets on or near your Computer

It sounds strange, but it is the truth. Traditional Hard drives uses magnetic disks to store data putting comparatitively highly powered magnets near the computer may affect the stored data. If you dont want to put your data on risk, avoid placing magnets near it. They are always bad actors towards the electroning devices which uses some magnetic features. Some LED or LCD monitors are also susceptible to magnetic interference, Some unshielded cables can also be affected by magnets. SO, all in all it is not recommended to keep any types of magnet near your computer.

10. Using Force when Connecting a USB Device

Some of you are connecting the USB devices in a hrry and disconnecting them as taking revenge. This is not good for your USB ports as it may cause some tearns and scratches to bothe your USB port and your USB device. This may affect the data flow through the chips resulting slow transfer speed or unrecognised device error. So, while connecting or disconnecting the USB device, be gentle and handle them with care. It is always god to take Precaustion than taking Remedies.

If you avoid these problems in your coming days, you PC will be a better one to work with and you can enjoy its awesomeness for some more time. These are the basic things to do to avoid any PC damages or errors that may have happen due to your ignorance.

I hope these tips helped you for better managing your computer. If so, let us know that through your valuable comments and shares. We are always happy to see that there.

Muhammed Swalih is a Blogger by profession who also has a great taste in Web Development, SEO, Graphic Designing, etc.

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