Best iOS/Android Games for Girls – Part 2 – Cooking Games

Following the First part of Games for Girls, here we come with the second part. In this part, we took the Cooking games category, which is one of the favorite genres for Kids and Girls. Most of the games are available in either Android or iOS. We mentioned the availability in the headline.

1.Cooking Academy HD – (iOS)

Cooking Academy HD has over 50 Recipes to cook. It is an addictive game with the best touch screen interface. It slowly trains you in cooking seriously. So, this game fits perfectly to those who don’t know cooking or in the learning mode. Unlocking different foods and recipes are great fun in the gameplay. Download for iOS here.

2.Pizza Maker- (Android)

Making Pizza by yourselves is this game concept. If you are a Pizza lover, you will definitely make an order for Pizza frequently, while playing this game. Of course, the game is that much attractable with the screen elements that make the Pizza real to our eyes. You can prepare pizza with a variety of toppings and can also shape them as you like. Perfect for Kids too. Download for Android here.

3.Sky Burger – (Android / iOS)

It’s a mix of cooking and building block game. Instead of blocks, here we use Burger ingredients as Building material. It is real fun to play this game as it is not just a cooking game. You have to prepare the Burger based on requirements with the falling ingredients. Download for iOS here.

4.Bristo Cook 2 – (Android)

In this game, you are the master chef and have to prepare for the orders taken in the Restaurant. Orders will be varied food items. You have to manage the preparation at its best. Time and order management is the main aspect in this game. The game looks so colorful with a lot of food items that looks like real in the screen. This game is a good to pick for kids and girls. Boys can also try this as this is not just a kids cooking game. Download for Android here.


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