How to Set Video as Live Wallpaper in Android

Live wallpaper is a most loved feature in android devices. Those moving background are always better than the static ones which give a stable feel. Android has some built in live wallpapers installed. But, they are not that much catchy to use as a background of your lovely device. Though, you may be considering some outsources for live wallpapers with some more animations and moving parts which sounds like a little more catchy than the pre-built ones. Live wallpapers are great to have if you have a good amount of resources to feed the phone.

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How it would be if you could set video as live wallpaper instead of the normal gif’s?. Your favourite videos will be running in the background of your screen replacing those pre-built live wallpapers. Thanks to the google play for having an app called  Video Live Wallpaper Pro Free which help you set video as live wallpaper in android smartphones. Those backgrounds can be easily tweaked using this app. let’s have a look into the procedure to set video as live wallpaper in your android device.

Those moving wallpapers are very likely to watch while using the device. To make your smartphone completely yours, you should transform it completely as you prefer. So, a lovely video wallpaper is a great option to begin from. Follow the simple steps given below to set a video wallpaper in your android device.

  1. Go to Google Playstore.
  2. Download and install Video Live Wallpaper Pro Free app.
  3. After installing the app, Launch it.
  4. You might see a window like below where you can see different options to set video wallpaper on your device.
  5. To select a video to be set as a live wallpaper, tap on the first option that says “Gallery.
  6. This will bring you to a screen to browse the video from your file manager.
  7. Browse the desired video to be set as live wallpaper.
  8. After selecting the video, tap “Set Live Wallpaper” option. It will show you the preview of your video live wallpaper.
  9. If the preview of the live wallpaper looks good, you can go ahead and set it as a wallpaper. If you don’t like it, you can again select a new video to set as a live wallpaper.
  10. After selecting the right video, tap “Set Wallpaper” button. You can also change the settings by tapping on the settings button on the preview screen.
  11. Now, you will have your favourite video set as the live wallpaper of your phone.

In the Video Live Wallpaper Pro Free app window, there are many other settings you can tweak. The “Play Audio” option let you play the sound of the video alongside the visual. This option comes unchecked by default. If you want to the audio to be played alongside with the visuals, you can check this option. The “Loop Video” option let the video repeat again and again after the end of the clip. This let the video wallpaper to play infinitely without stopping. There are some other options too, which let you keep the aspect ratio of the current video or resize it according to the size of the phone.

Alternatives of Video Live Wallpaper Pro Free app to set a video as the live wallpaper

If you had faced any problems in the setup or if the app shown any bugs or slow performance, you can always go for a good alternative to set a live video wallpaper. All of them build for the same purpose of setting a video as the wallpaper of your smartphone. We listed some of the best alternatives of the live wallpaper pro free app. check it out and choose the right one your choice.

VideoWall – Video Wallpaper app

VideoWall is a good alternative for the live wallpaper pro free app. This comes with some more customization options. You could set the live video wallpaper by Long pressing on your home screen and selecting “Live Wallpaper > Amazing VideoWall.

Video Live Wallpaper app

Video live wallpaper app has a lot of customization options which let you customize the wallpaper according to your needs. The app is very easy to use and having some unique features when compared to the above ones.

Ultra HD Live Video Wallpapers app

As the name itself says, the ultra HD live wallpapers app shows its uniqueness in the quality of the background video. While other apps reduce the quality of the video to ensure the smooth running of the live video wallpapers, Ultra HD wallpaper app never reduces the quality of the videos running on the background.

VidiWallpaper, Video Wallpaper app

VidiWallpaper, video wallpaper app is also a considerable one. This has all the features as the above ones and a fast processing speed too. Not a big problem to set videos as the background of the device screen. It is just some taps away.

Now, you got some good alternatives of the live wallpaper pro free app. You may select any one of them as appropriate.


Even there are some live wallpapers provided by the android OS by default, you could set video as the live wallpaper in your device. This will make the device completely yours. Changing the settings is not a big task to set a live wallpaper. But your device should have some decent amount of hardware resources to use. If you don’t have at least 1GB RAM and a good CPU, setting a live video wallpaper might affect the stability of your smartphone and it might reduce the overall performance of your device. So, always make sure that you have some decent amount of hardware to have a living video wallpaper.

If you have any questions regarding the live wallpaper setup or having anything to share, don’t hesitate to comment on the below comment area. We are always looking for your words there.


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