10 Things you didn’t know your iPhone could do

iPhone is such an iconic product from apple. The role model of many siblings in the smartphone world has its own unique features and ethics.  iPhone 6s and the iPhone 5s are all made their glory in their path and we are now waiting for the iPhone 7 which is to be launched in this year. iPhone devices have a number of features in it. Most of them are very familiar among the iPhone owners. But, still there is something hidden among them which can increase the productivity of the iPhone drastically. For now, we are discussing some of the things you didn’t know your iPhone could do. So, let’s have a look at them.

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Things you didn’t know your iPhone could do

1. Create Keyboard Shortcuts

Texting and messaging had became a necessity among the smartphone users. The daily usage of the texts became a long task through the social medias and messaging apps. If you own an iPhone, you will be able to create some shortcuts for the words that used more often. You could also set specific shortcuts for the emoji’s. To do this, head up to the settings of your device. Tap on the keyboard option. Now, tap on the shortcuts. There you can set the shortcuts for the words which used more often. Once you pressed the shortcut, the desired word will automatically entered.

2. Alert with LED Flash

How it would be, if the LED lights notify you when you receive some calls or messages? You can do that with your apple device. To do this, head up to the settings. Go to General Settings, then further tap on Accessibility. Scroll down until you see an option “LED Flash for Alerts” and turn it on. Now, you will be notified by the LED lights once you receive calls or messages. A good feature which can help you to notify the alerts easily.

3. Charges Faster in the Airplane mode

iPhone is extremely good in the industry for its battery capacity. But, there may be some situations where you need to charge your device very fast. The AirPlane mode can help you to do so. The AirPlane mode disables all communications like Network access, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc… and reduces the device load considerably. So, the battery consumption of the phone will be reduced drastically thus providing a faster charge. The AirPlane mode disables all communications including you call and messages. So, use this feature only when you don’t need them.

4. Siri Can Read Emails

Siri is the personal assistant in your iPhone. The assistant also can read the emails for you. Why are you reading your emails yourself while you have an option which reads the emails for you? Just say “Read my email” and the Siri will star reading your emails. If you only want the recent emails, say “Read my latest email” or if you only need the emails from a particular person, just say “Do I have an email from Amit?

5. Teach Siri to Pronounce Words

Feeling like a teacher? Then, you should teach the Siri to pronounce words if she makes any mistakes in the pronunciation. Whenever Siri mispronounces some words, you just have to tell her, “That’s not how you pronounce WORD” and she will provide you an options to correct it. Now, onwards, Siri will stick on the corrected method.

6. Capture Photos Using Volume Buttons

Habe you ever missed those perfect pictures by tapping on the screen to take photos? Have you even missed any sudden motions due to the touch capture? We all have had that moment. Do you know that the iPhone let you take photos by the volume up and down buttons? Just press any of the volume buttons while on the camera window to take images. This is a hidden one among most of the iPhone users. So, this might help you take good images  when you have an oily or dirty hand. Never again put down those gloves on your hands for a perfect image.

7. Can act as a Levelling tool

The iPhone can be used as a leveling tool. Just head up to the Compass app on your phone and swipe left, the new screen and you will be given the details about whether the level is straight or not. The green color and 0 (zero) degree means, it’s a flat surface.

8. Customize Vibration Patterns

You can even customize the vibration pattern of your iPhone. You could do that by following these steps. Head up to the Settings and tap on Sounds option. Then go to the Ringtone and tap the Vibration. Now you have to tap on the Create New Vibration. Now, a window will open there you can select the pattern of your choice. After selecting the correct pattern of your choice, save it.

9. Check Timestamp of Text Messages

Wondering how often your friend replying you, and if you want to check it every second? The timestamps are very helpful to determine the time of your sent and received messages. By default, the timestamp option isn’t visible in your messaging windows. To make it visible, Just swipe the text bubble to left by dragging it to show the timestamp on your messages. Now, you will see the timestamp on every sent and received messages.

10. Lock AF and Exposure to take a Picture

iPhone offers one of the best camera features when compared to other global leaders in the smartphone cameras. Most you may be using the iPhone camera more often. But, I am sure that most of you may have missed AF and Exposure lock feature. By locking the AF/AE, you can stop the camera from refocusing on the image. The auto-adjustment don;t always allow you take a perfect photo. Once you found the perfect adjustment for your photo, you must lock it to get a good output. To do this, press and hold on the screen until you see a yellow square blink twice and a yellow icon which states the “AE/AF Lock.” Now, you photos will be clearer and adjusted to the best.

These hacks mentioned above will help you to increase the productivity of your iPhone. You will be getting the most juice out of your lovely device after applying these easy hacks. So, never hesitate to implement them on your phone to really make it a ‘Smart’ phone.


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