Motorola Moto X Force with Shatterproof Display and Snapdragon Processor Launched in India

Motorola finally released the Moto X force smartphone in India as two variants, the 32GB model and the 64GB one. The 32GB model is priced Rs.49,999 ($737) and the 64GB model is priced Rs.53,999 ($795). Recently the rumors stated that the device is coming to India by the end of the last month. But, they launched the device today officially. Being late for the release, the Moto X force won’t get any curses from the users. One of the most expected releases in this year have just arrived at the Indian market and the Indian Motorola fans have a good time.

The Moto X force was mainly awaited for the shatterproof display which offers a display which is harder than the iPhone and the latest Samsung devices. Below you can see the live testing of the Moto X force device by the Rick Osterloh who is the President of the Motorola mobility.

He testing the device with the iPhone and the Samsung device by dropping all three to the hard surface. The screens of all devices except Moto X got badly affected by the drop. Through this live testing, Motorola trying to state that the Moto X has an extremely hard display which won’t get disturbed by accidental drops. To ensure the belief of the users, they are giving an exceptional 4 years of warranty for the screen. This is the first time a company offers a 4 year warranty on the display. This proclaims the companies believe in the hard-core strength of the screen.

The Moto X force coming with a 5.4-inch WQHD display and will come powered by the Snapdragon 810 CPU coupled with 3GB of RAM which can handle a lot of hard stuff like high-quality games. The storage is available in two variants as 32GB or 64GB. If it isn’t enough, you could always upgrade it up to 200GB. The device also brings a 21.0 MP primary camera which opposes the 5.0 MP one on the front which powered by the high-quality Sony lenses. Motorola also brings the 4G connectivity on the device to provide a better communication over the internet by utilizing the fastest mobile connection available in India. You could watch the extreme testing video on the Moto X force done by CNET in the video below.

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For a price range of 50K Motorola introduced a world-class device with some good specifications. It is a big enemy to the flagship devices like iPhone 6s and Nexus 6P. The device will start selling on Flipkart and Amazon from the 8th February. So, the users can order the products from the 8th of this month. So, stay tuned for more news about the product in upcoming days.

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