Traffic Racing – Drivers View: Game Review

Traffic Racing is a game where you control the vehicle by sitting behind the steering. You could drive through the high traffic roads and control your vehicle seamlessly. You will be rewarded as long as you drive without hitting other vehicles. You will also get rewarded for near-misses. The points will be rewarded as coins that can be used for unlocking many features like new routes, new vehicles and vehicle upgrades. Instead of those highly graphic games, this game brings a simple yet comprehensive feel while gaming. The easy to use controls and decent graphic provide a better visual experience throughout the game.

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To get started, you want to choose a car from the game to race with. There will be a plenty of cars there. But, most of them will be locked and can be unlocked by spending your earned points. The colors can be changed to the available colors for that particular car.


After selecting a car, the track list will be given. Choose the appropriate track where you can drive comfortably. After selecting the right track, you will be driven to the game where your journey starts.


Talking about the controls, the game comprises of the same controls as we seen on the general simple racing games. The Traffic Racing – Drivers View game included a yet simple control interface with an Accelerator and a Brake. You could control the vehicle either by holding the pedal or tilting the phone.


As you drive longer, the traffic will be increased considerably to make the game more interesting and fun. It is very interesting to drive behind the steers as we controlling a real life vehicle. After finishing your long journey or crashing your vehicle, you will be given the scorecard where the points will be displayed.


Traffic Racing – Drivers View Game Pros

  • Simple Yet Comprehensive visuals with good graphics.
  • Smooth gameplay without lag in performance.
  • Easy controls with extreme response to each tilt or tap on the phone.
  • The environment will be changed as speeding up the device and tackling other vehicles on the game.
  • A completely FREE game without any extra charges or upgrades which require money.

Traffic Racing – Drivers View Game Cons

  • A basic game without no further actions or controls.
  • The graphic quality is not that much good when compared to other racing games.


Traffic Racing – Drivers View is a good way to time pass. The game has a good addictive way of engaging the users with its extreme simplicity and easy to use interface. It is fun to drive through those blocking traffic and drive between them. Have fun and enjoy the game.

Traffic Racing - Drivers View: Game
8.7 Reviewer

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