Study Helper – Phone Locker App Review

We are all of that kind who doesn’t like disturbances while studying. It is very hard to study in a disturbing condition. The concentration to the books will lose if there is any other engagement while studying. Most of you might have a smartphone on the desk. It might be ringing, updating messages, notifying your whatsapp messages, displaying your facebook friend requests. This is not that much fair while you are in a concentrated mood. You must be secured from this kind of situations, especially from your smartphones. But, switching of the devices is not a good idea. Because there is a chance of missing out important calls and other important messages. So, what to do now to manage and organise your studies and run away from those obstructions?

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Here comes the Study Helper – Phone Locker App. An app which blocks all obstructions while studying. A perfect study material as important as your books if you are a smartphone user. It keeps your device silent without actually making it silent! Forget about those hard times focusing on your study just because of your smartphone. This revolutionary app can make you automatically concentrate on your studies. Thus, making you thank this app when you see you are ranked top in your exam results. So, let’s explore more about the Study Helper – Phone Locker app.

Study Helper – Phone Locker App Features

Study Helper – Phone Locker app is a storeroom of plenty of features. All you need to avoid the obstructions while studying kept together in a single place. All you wanted to do is just operate with them. The app will do the remaining for you. So, let’s have a brief look at the app features.

Record Study Time Based on Goals or Subjects

Study Helper has a great feature to record the study time of the users. In other words, it is the core idea of the app to keep the users organised with the studies. The users can set specific time before starting the study. While opening the app, you will see a screen like below. (We used it once. So, the time may vary with yours)


The screen shows the total time you studied today. This helps to meet the daily target with ease. To create a new goal, Just tap on the ‘+‘ icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. It will bring a screen like this where you can enter your

Enter the specified goal or subject as you prefer. For example, in the following screen, I set the goal for the English subject. You could also set specific images for the subject to easily determine the goal completion. If you prefer to set some other goals like the hours to study, you could enter that in the text box. It will set as the goal of your task.


After setting up the details, tap on the ‘OK‘ and you will be taken to a screen like below where you can start the task by simply tapping on the ‘Play‘ button.


Once you tapped on the play button, your device will automatically go to sleep, and the countdown will automatically start. The notifications and specific connections are all will be blocked by the app thus providing a disturbance free study.

Notifications Blocking

The Study Helper – Phone Locker App features a Notification Blocking feature. The app blocks notifications so as to ensure that you don’t lose focus on studies. Those popup notifications will no longer disturb you from studies if you have this app installed on your Android smartphone or iOS device.

Specific App Selection while Studying

The Study Helper app also let you select some specific apps by blocking the remaining while studying. This will help to block those unnecessary notifications. You will be only notified with the specific apps while studying.


To choose the specific apps, tap on the menu icon on the top left corner of the app screen. It will bring a window like below.


Now, tap on the App settings, and it will bring the app selection window where you could select the desired apps only. You could allow up to 16 apps at the same time. You will only get notifications and access to those selected apps. A great feature of a great app.

Hard Mode

Hard Mode will completely lock your phone for the specified time. Certain phone features including internet connection, some messages, app alerts, calls will be blocked by the hard mode. The app itself warns the users that this mode won’t work on some devices because the device will block the app from accessing the administrator privileges. But, it will work on some devices.


To activate the hard mode to block yourself from accessing the device, just tap on the unlocked lock button on the top right corner while you came back to the app from the sleep mode as you can see on the screenshot below.


If it works on your device, be careful about using it. As it blocks certain necessary features, you won’t be able to access them. Only turn it on if you want 100% concentration to your studies.

History and Analysis of Studies

The Study Helper – Phone Locker App sweetens the features by a History and Analysis feature. The users can view the History of the studies in Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis. All details regarding you studies including the goals, total study time for each day, completed goals, etc… will be listed on the history screen.


You could swipe to view the daily stats of the app. Here you can find the details in a daily basis. It helps you complete the daily goals with ease.


The Weekly and Monthly stats will not be available in the Free version of the app. You want to buy the professional pack to access these features. The pro version only costs about $0.99, which is a single buck which gives an amazing app which can greatly help in your studies.


If you want to access the Weekly or Monthly stats to improve yourself with studies, just buy the app by spending a very small amount. This will not be a waste.

Quick Features of the Study Helper – Phone Locker App

  • Record your Study Time
  • Record Study Time by Subject
  • Notifications will be blocked while studying
  • Specific app selection while studying. All others will be blocked.
  • Smartphone use will be completely blocked for the time of study
  • All details and history of your study
  • Analysis of the Study time to improve
  • Statistics categorised as Daily, Weekly and monthly schedule.

What users saying about the Study Helper – Phone Locker App

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Study Helper – Phone Locker App is an excellent choice if you really need a perfect partner to manage your study time. Instead of those pen and paper method for scheduling and organising your studies, this app has its own unique features to replace them. Thousands of users already trust the app and using it for their daily study needs. It worthy to be installed on your lovely device. So, give it a try.

Study Helper – Phone Locker App Review
9.5 Overall
User Interface9.5
Value For Money10


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