Indian Company to Launch an Rs. 500 Smartphone

You always love cheap smartphones on the market. But, how it would be if you got a smartphone for just Rs. 500? The Indian brand namely ‘RingingBell’ is gonna make it true. In collaboration with the Indian government, the company is to bring the cheapness to the next level. Cheaper smartphones are already trending on the field. So, they decided to make some huge difference in the cheapness. As a result, they will be announcing the device today on 17th February for a price tag of just Rs. 500 which can be converted to $7.3.

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There is already a lot of devices with some good specs for some affordable prices. Recently some Chinese companies produced some devices with 4G capability for a price tag less than Rs. 2000. But, this is really amazing to hear that from the company. By means of a smartphone, we will assume that a rectangular device with a camera, touch screen, Wifi, Bluetooth, speakers, headphone jack, etc… But this much of a cheap device may be a little variant from the usual smartphone on the market. The details about the specs or functions of the device are not yet out officially. As per the reports, the company will announce the device today. So, we may hear that directly from the manufacturers.

The device is tagged as the Freedom 251 model of the company. The name itself suggests the freedom to buy the device for this much of a cheapest rate. If the specs are pretty much decent including all the basic features, it might change the feature of the company. People always looking for cheaper devices with some quality. If they get it as low as their daily wage, there is no need to explain the sales of the smartphone.

More details about the device are not yet confirmed officially. Anyways, we can wait for the company to announce the full details today. Expecting it with some good features not sounds wise. Because a smartphone worth Rs. 500 or $7.3 has its own limitations.

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