Racing Fever Game Review

Racing fever is an addictive racing game where users drive some lovely cars through the high traffic roads. Much more than a simple car racing game but much simpler too. A steering controlled by tilting, auto-acceleration, nitro and brakes by tapping each side of the screen, that’s what the controls section includes. The game delivers a much better way of driving a car without those advanced graphical interfaces. The drivers will be given different types of roads all in a straight line. There are no curves or gutters on the road. All you wanted to do is to tilt your device to pass over other vehicles without hitting them.

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The Racing fever has a number of features as any advanced racing games. Numerous highly customizable cars, new routes, condition, etc… are all sweetening the game. Users can unlock the features with the coins they earned by competing in various types of races. Race to earn coins and spend them to earn features and new cars from the game for a better vehicle to earn more coins. Just like an exchange system. Lol…


The game features different themes namely Village, Desert, City, and Snowy or Winter. To avail some of them, users must earn some coins from the games. Racing fever also supports multiple camera views to play it in your style. The wide view will provide a realistic racing experience right from your device. It is also available in different languages for different region all over the world. So, users can explore the beauty of the game in their own languages.


Multi-Player mode allows the users to compete with other people who playing the racing fever game from any part of the world. The multi-player feature connects to likely competitors most probably with the same cars owned. So, they can compete in the race and find out the better one. Another advantage is that the multi-player games can earn a huge amount of coins if wins. It’s far better to earn coins than the offline modes of the game. So, it is the better option to have the coins fast.

Users can share their achievements and point to the friends and can Exchange keys with friends and win a brand new car. The stunning realistic racing game is implemented in a yet simple but effective method. Apart from those high graphic games we play usually, this does stand a chance.

Key Features of the Racing Fever Game

  • Amazing 3D graphics quality
  • A realistic racing experience
  • 4 different environments namely Village, Desert, City, Winter
  • 4 game modes as One Way, Two Way, Time Attack, and Free Ride
  • 10 different cars and upcoming one’s too
  • Complete customizability of the vehicle both in appearance and performance
  • Good settings to fit the hardware capability of the phone
  • Online games or multi-player mode


Looking for a standard time passing racing game will direct you to the racing fever game. Millions of users already installed it on their lovely devices, and they rated it very well. So, having it on your smartphone will be good to have some racing times. Give it a try.

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