OnePlus 3 to Launch in this June

It has been a few months the rumors about the OnePlus rolling out all over the internet. As per the reports, the next flagship breaker is to launch this June. OnePlus co-founder, Pete Leu announced this at the SURGE 2016 event in Bengaluru. After the OnePlus 2, one of the flagships last year, the company now looking forward to produce a unique device that delivers something more than the normal android smartphones. So, they confirmed that the OnePlus 3 will sport a whole new design with some big changes from the previous models.

From what we know, the device will be powered by a 5.5-inch Quad HD display with enhanced visual quality and smooth outer finish. The device will be available in two variants as a 3GB RAM, 16GB ROM and a 4GB RAM 64GB ROM model. Rumors are also stating that it will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 820 as we seen on many recent flagships. Snapdragon chipsets are being a trend among the smartphones, and the OnePlus also took over the feature and added it to the upcoming flagship.

OnePlus 3

Looking to the camera, there may be a 13.0MP shooter on the back while a 5.0MP one on the front. The features list includes all basic features like Auto-focus, LED flashlight, Noise reduction, etc… That all seems to be a regular device specification. To get the market share for the OnePlus 3, they should implement some unique, attractive feature on the phone, or they should put a very low price tag for the device. But, till now there are no that much acceptable confirmations about the price is out.

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The users are still hopeful about the specs of the device and hoping some drastic changes from the siblings with an affordable rate. Normally, OnePlus devices are not that much affordable and priced as a middle range device. So, expecting the lower price is no more a good option. If the company provides the above-given specifications on the OnePlus 3, the price might be somewhere around 30k or 40k. Any confirmations about the price or specifications of the device are not yet out officially. So, we may expect that from the officials in coming days.

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