FlipHTML5 Review

In the present world, digital publications are something very important that can’t be avoided. Magazines, Catalogs, Brochures, Web pages, Posters, are all the part of our daily routine. It is very difficult to create good publications using those professional softwares which need a lot of time and effort. Even you are a Graphic designer, Web Developer or Video Maker, it is very difficult to create such big projects within the limited time you have.

How would it be if you are able to create realistic and responsive FlipBooks from you PDF files within minutes? It would be a blessing to those who spent hours or even days in front of the computer to create a simple publication. FlipHTML5 is such a great software which can convert PDF and Images to interactive HTML5 Flip eBooks and publications like animated brochures, magazines, catalogs, etc… within some minutes.

No matter, whether you are a beginner or an advanced pro. The FlipHTML5 is the simplest way to create your dream project within an unbelievable time. There is much more to explore about the software. So, let’s have a look at them.

What is FlipHTML5 ?

FlipHTML5 is a software that let you create Realistic Responsive CSS3 jQuery & HTML5 FlipBooks from PDF files. You could create any of the publications like Magazines, Catalogs, Brochures, Posters, etc… within a few minutes. The easy to use interface and procedures will guide you through steps to create stunning flipbooks easily. Device compatibility is no more an issue. FlipHTML5 outputs publications that are supported in any of the devices including, iPad, iPhone, Android devices, PC Mac, etc…

It let you create unlimited number of publications for online and offline use. You could enhance your publications using Videos, Audio files, Animations, images, Buttons, Links and everything you want to enhance the creativity to the extreme. The professional features made simple through the easy to use tools in the software. There are also hundreds of themes and template to select from. So, you don’t want to start the publications from scratch.

Features of FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 Has numerous features that boost the usefulness of the software. It’s very difficult to list all of them. So, we listed some of the best features of the FlipHTML5 Publishing software.

  • Convert PDF to Interactive Online Publications

FlipHTML5 can convert any of your PDF, Word, Excel, PPT and image files to stunning and interactive online publications in minutes. The flipbooks can be created through some easy to follow steps that well directed by the software. No worries about the publication compatibility and creation steps. If you have a PDF and the FlipHTML5 software, it is super-easy to create flipbooks and online publications.


  • Animation Editor

Enhance your online publications with interactive animations. Using FlipHTML5, you could enrich your publications by adding animations using the FlipHTML5 animations editor. No need to search for an extra software to create stunning animations. FlipHTML5 is here to do the task for you.


  • Multimedia Support in FlipBooks

FlipHTML5 supports adding any of the YouTube/Vimeo video, images, photo slideshow, audio files, links, button, etc… You could make the flipbooks more interactive using the numerous functionalities of the FlipHTML5. All can be edited and customized as you want. Never again adjust with the software limitations. Go beyond the creativity with the FilpHTML5.


  • Friendly With all Devices

No matter in which device users read the publications. The mobile friendly design of the files will be automatically done by the software. You have to do nothing to make your files mobile friendly. The FlipHTML5 will do the task for you. Your publications will be smooth on any devices like iPad, iPhone, Android phones, PC’s, Laptops, etc…


  • Hundreds of Themes and Templates

Hundreds of themes and templates make your tasks super-easy. No need to start the work from scratch. Just select a template and theme, then make changes as you need. You will have your dream projects within minutes. Numerous templates and themes are waiting for you to simplify your job.


  • Various Publishing Formats

Different users have various needs too. All of the users may not be using the software for the same task. So, the FlipHTML5 developers included various publishing formats like Zip and Exe alongside with the HTML5 flipbook to make it more convenient to share the publications. There is also options to Email the publications directly to anyone. It can also connect to your website’s FTP server or can make it a plugin for WordPress and Joomla.


  • Publish to the Cloud

If you want to share your publications with the outer world, FlipHTML5 has the solution. You can publish your Magazines or eBooks to FlipHTML5 online cloud publishing platform instantly. It allows you manage, share or even sell your publications. It opens a way for you to earn if you are that much good in making publications using the software. It increases your earnings by letting you insert your AdSense ads inside your publications. So, you got another way to earn from your publications.



  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Media Support
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Completely Customizable
  • Publication Monetization
  • Free Cloud Platform


  • Not Completely Free

What Users Saying About the FlipHTML5

 FlipHTML5 Review


If you are looking a replacement for those tough and professional softwares to create publications, and want an easier, faster, better solution to create publications and flipbooks, the FlipHTML5 will be the right choice you can make. It’s elegant and useful features boost your work to the extreme and reduces the work time considerably. All in all, it’s a good software to be installed on your computer.

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