Xiaomi Mi 5 FAQ, Pros, Cons, User Queries And Answers

Xiaomi just launched their Mi5 device yesterday in India as the continuation of the global launch at MWC 2016. As they were stated on previous days, they launched the device right in the correct time and fullfilled thier words. Now, the device is being rolling out of the news and reviews and all of them are analysing the Mi5. So, we also decided to give you some continuation of the details about the Xiaomi Mi5 that we have given previously. Here we are sharing the Xiaomi Mi5 Pros, Cons, User Queries and Answers that you also need to know. Check it out to find more details about the device.

Xiaomi Mi5 Pros

  • Good performance
  • Better Display
  • Elegant design
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • A Fingerprint sensor
  • Quick Charge 3.0 Technology

Xiaomi Mi5 Cons

  • No Micro Sd card Support
  • Non-removable battery

Xiaomi Mi5 User Questions and Answers

Here we listing the most asked questions on the Xiaomi Mi5 by our readers. We will also list the answeres for them under each question. So, have a look at them.

How’s the look and feel of the Mi5?

The design of the device is nothing different from the previous models. But, the body is a little stronger than the previous versions. As it is coming with the Gorilla glass on the top of the screen, it gives good protection alongside a shiny look on the front.

How’s the display of the Xiaomi Mi5?

The Xiaomi Mi5 is featured by a 1920×1080 pixel display sized 5.15-inches that outputs a good clarity visuals. the gorilla glass protection delivers a neat and clean look outside the display boosting the view inside. While on high-end games, the display performs very well and not showing any lags in performace or not showing any stuck frames.

How’s the Camera of the Xiaomi Mi5?

Xiaomi Mi5 features a 16MP rear camera with 4-axis OIS and a 5.0 MP front camera with wide-angle lens. Both of them performs good and have a nice resolution that outputs a clearer image even on gloomy conditons. The lighting adjustment is also a plus point of the camera.

Is Mi5 has a micro SD card slot?

Unfortunately, the Xiaomi Mi5 doesn’t have a micro SD card slot.

Does the Xiaomi Mi5 has a dual sim card option?

Yes, it supports dual sim cards.

Are navigation buttons are backlit?

Yes, Navigation buttons are backlit

Which is the OS version in Mi5?

The Xiaomi Mi5 is running on the MIUI 7.0 which is based on the Android 6.0 marshmallow OS.

How’s the Battery of the Mi5?

Xiaomi Mi5 coming with a 3000mAh high power battery that holds the device whole day. As per the company, it also comes with the Quick charge 3.0 which can provide 2+ hours of talktime from just 5 minutes of charging. From our tests, the device only consumes a comparatively lower battery and lasts longer for hours. So, in case of battery, the Mi5 looks good.

Is it is a matte finish device or glossy one?

The Mi5 coming with a glossy finish that shines on sunlight. Especially, the Black variant is so vibrant on the sunlight that give a royal look to the device. As there is nothing more than the usual peripherals on the backside, the clean look gives a classy feel.

Is it has the Fast charging feature?

Yes. The Mi5 comes with the Quick charge 3.0 to charge the device is lightning speed. As per the company, the device can provide 2+ hours if talktime from just 5 minutes of charging! This sounds quite amazing and you can estimate the time to completely charge the device will be very less when compared to other competitors.

Is there is a Fingerprint sensor on Xiaomi Mi5?

Yes, there is a good fingerprint sensor on the Mi5. The sensor is too good in scanning the fingerprints within some milliseconds. The accuracy is too impressive as we got the exact results from simultaneous fingerprint sensing.

How fast the device will charge?

The Xiaomi Mi5 is coming with the Fast charging technology that boosts the charging performance upto 50%. Usually the Mi devices are coming with a good speed of charging. As we’ve said earlier, the devices like Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime can charge the device very faster than the competitors. So, this device too coming with a very fast charging.

How Much Free Internal Storage is Available to User?

Out of 32 GB you will get around 25.5 GB.

How much free RAM will be available on the Mi5?

Out of 3GB RAM, you will get around 1.7GB – 1.8GB RAM for your own processes. the MIUI 7.0 consumes more than 60% of the total used RAM. But the features are explaining the reason for the high RAM usage.

Does it have a LED Notifications?

Yes, It has the LED notifications.

Does it Support OTG?

Yes, Mi5 Support USB OTG.

Can you provide some photos of the device?

Ofcourse, Below is some of the images of the Xiaomi mi5.

Is there is any Heating issues in Xiaomi Mi5?

From our hours of continuos usage, we couldn’t find any excess heating on the device. It only has a normal heat as any other smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi5 Competitors

For a good device on the market, it is usual to have some competitors on the field. So, the Xiaomi Mi5 also has some big fishes to beat on the market. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the main rival of the Xiaomi Mi5. The family members including the Xiaomi Mi4S and the Redmi Note 3 also creating some competition for the Mi5.

Is Xiaomi Mi5 Worthy to buy or not?

This is a question asked by many of you about the Mi5. The answer is always upto you. As any other xiaomi devices, this device too has a good quality and available for an average price. The specs looks good and we cant’s find any bugs from our hours of continuos usage. So, it is quite good to afford the device if you are really interested in high-end devices to enjoy quality games and HD videos.

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