Vivo V3 and V3 Max Release in India, Specs and Feature Updates

Vivo is all set to release their new models Vivo V3 and V3 Max on April 5, 2016, n India. These two are their global target, and the configurations and features are impressive so far.

Both the V3 and V3 Max are made of metal in their body. The company already released teasers about this two models and in their posters, they used the slogan “Faster than Faster”. We looked into the other details of the phones and confirmed that they are made many features to make the using of V3 and V3 max faster.

What do they do to make it work faster?  It is not a big bang theory; it is just they used the regular features we have seen in many other premium smartphones together in this two phones. I explain those faster features.

The power driving 4GB RAM (with expecting  32GB storage) which is meant to be replaced the previously mentioned 3GB RAM, only to increase the usage of multi-tasking and heavy apps and games to work smooth and fast.

Other than the RAM, the camera also got some quick working features. The camera app starts in just 0.7 seconds, and the focus takes a minimum of 0.3 seconds. A fingerprint scanner also added which can unlock the phone in a fraction of seconds. Compared to the usual power button unlock, the fingerprint scanner is safe and secure as well as quicker than ever. So in total two seconds, you can unlock the phone, open the camera app and take a photo. This is one such important feature they advertised as “Faster than Faster’’.

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Based on the News we have got, the V3 and V3 Max going to have differed in the screen size and mostly not in the RAM, Storage, Camera or Processor. We will let you know the other details of these two phones once we have got the News about price, specs, and other details.

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