Meet Worlds Thinnest Laptop: The HP Spectre

Marching towards the PC market, HP still ahead of the competitors and now they are into the Thinnest product this time on the Laptops. The product named HP Spectre will be the world’s thinnest laptop as thinner as an AAA battery. As per the company, the Spectre will be around 10.4mm in thickness which is quite wonder as the modern-day smartphones touching the 9mm mark. More than just to be a Windows 10 laptop, the spectre is coming with the extreme lightweight and thinnest design including some tough hardware inside.

The design of the Spectre is a good combination of Grey/Black and Silver colours. The Lid is attached to the other part with a nice and smooth silver finish. It is well crafted to the edges to avoid unnecessary bulk in the design. On the backside, there is the modified HP logo which is also finished with the silver that pulls the logo into the eyes of the users. The keyboard keys are placed in such a way that to provide maximum comfort by reducing the occupying space especially in case of the thickness.

The laptop is equipped with 1920x1080p full HD display that outputs great visuals within the thinnest lid in a laptop. The display is protected by the Gorilla glass which provides a good strength alongside a clean and shiny finish. Touchpad also works perfectly by integrating to the OS. The touches feel comfy and no hassles during the hours of testing procedure. Another feature to mention is that the Spectre can be folded 360 degrees as the Lenovo Yoga laptops.

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HP Spectre 360 degree

The Spectre will be available in Intel Core i5 or i7 variants and 8GB RAM alongside 512GB SSD. The specs looks very high-end which is suitable for business purposes or even for extreme gaming. As it is a lightweight and thin device, it will be very easy to carry in long business trips and during long journeys. The device needs less space that your shirt which is folded. So, it is very much easy to carry the Spectre wherever you go or whenever you go.

The USB C-Type connector is another attraction on the device that enables high-speed data transfer without any interruptions. Core ‘i’ series processor n the device already attracted millions of users to the product and they are flooding into the online stores to avail the Spectre.

HP Spectre will be available to preorder online on April 25, from and site, starting at $1,169. The price range will vary according to the variant that you’ve selected. Owning the HP spectre will be a good option for the business persons or those who need a good performance device with high-end specs that can fulfil any modern-day requirements. If you are one of them, be ready to grab the Spectre.

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