5 Excel AddOns to Make Spreadsheets Easier

Microsoft Office Excel is one of the best spreadsheet softwares available on the market. Numerous features of the software making the tasks easier. Calculations, tables, graphs, macro programming, are all made easy by the revolutionary program from Microsoft. There are also several add-ons available for Excel to make the tasks little more easier. So, we selected 5 of the best Excel add-ons that make your tasks simpler and effective than before. So, have a look at them and give them a try.

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5 Excel AddOns to Make Spreadsheets Easier

Radial Bar Chart is a very useful Excel addon that helps you add visually pleasing diagrams and charts to your spreadsheets. It is good to represent your data through a pictorial manner that reaches the users very fast. So, the Radial Bar chart provides such a good opportunity with a lot of formats to select from.

Geographic Heat Map is yet another Excel add-on that helps you better add geographical maps and locations to your spreadsheets. The maps will be presented in a unique manner that to make it easier to represent the locations and labels. It is very useful to present map data with marking and color changes in various locations.

3. Quandl for Excel

Quandl is a data analyst tool that helps a lot of time that taking for gathering and formatting the data. The addon helps you to search through large datasets without creating any problems. As the addon is completely free forever, no restrictions or payments will be applied. A simple video regarding the working of the Quandl Excel addon is given below. Take a look to get a better understanding if the product.

Percentage Calculator addon helps you to calculate the percentage quicker and effective. Not everyone will be good in maths or fast that much. So, this excel addon can do the job by providing different ways regarding the percentage calculation. Apart from the simple percentage calculations, it can calculate percent change, increase and decrease percentage value.

RDBMail is an Excel add-on that helps you to send emails of your excel sheet or a part of the file without leaving the workbook. There is a large set of configurations where you can completely customize the outgoing mail format and functions. It is a good way to send emails for those who want to do it frequently.

So, there are the 5 Best Excel add-ons that can save a lot of time by providing a good set of features that make your task simpler. Give them a try and enjoy your spreadsheets.

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