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ID107 Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Wristband Review

ID107 Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Wristband is a good product to consider for tracking your daily activities and reaching your goals. The virtual assistant will monitor all your daily tasks and will take care of your health by notifying you to do the tasks. If you love doing exercises at a specific interval and want someone to remind you on taking rest, wearing the ID107 will be useful as it does all you wanted.

The 24-hour Real-time heart rate monitor will let you know your heart rate variations during exercises and sports. It will show the exact results as it is built with highly sensible sensors. There are no much configurations needed because most of them will be automatically configured by the smartwatch itself to provide the best outputs. The sleep monitor will give you proper sleep by monitoring the sleep time and setting the alarm as per your instructions. The alarm will vibrate at the correct time to make you wake up in correct time.

Doing exercises is sweetened by the Distance measurement, Calorie consumption monitor functions that will monitor the distance of your running and walking and the calories of your tasks. It will be very suitable to maintain the healthy exercises each day. A remote camera is yet another feature that helps you control the camera of your smartphone right from your wristband. So, it is an all in one junction of the necessary functions to make your life easier and productive.


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ID107 Smartwatch wristband is designed in such a way that to provide maximum comfort. The colourful band is the main attraction of the device which is available in 5 different colours. The bands can be attached by just putting it inside the tip and pressing it to the button of the other band. It is that much simple to attach the bands as well as to remove them. Small line design on the bands sweetens the look and feel of the smartwatch.

Looking at the screen, it is well attached to the band to provide good quality as well as an elegant look. Nothing much more to explain, but still manages to provide good quality and design. The Stainless Steel case is well matching the TPE band that outputs an all in one good looking wristband with a lot of functions.

Hardware and Features

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Under the hood, there is the nRF51822 chip to provide a lag free performance. As the device is designed to provide the maximum accurate results, the chipset well combining with the sensors to deliver superior performance. The OLED display which sizing 0.49 inches is much better to output the visuals. As it is waterproof, the inner parts won’t be affected by the water in extreme sports like surfing. So, there is no need to put it on the beach while you are surfing.

ID107 utilizes the Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect to the devices such that to provide the faster transfer of information and notifications. So, you will get notified as soon as you get a call or message on your smartphone. The Li-polymer battery powers the smartwatch with the comparatively good 70mAh battery. The battery can be charged in just 1 hour to last the device for upto 10 days. 2 point connect charge will charge the device as faster as possible.

The Veryfit 2.0 app can be utilized to monitor your daily tasks, and you can review them on the app to make it better in coming days. The device can store the data for up to 7 days and can store them in the app for better assistance in future. So, you can track and review the exercises, sleep, calories burnt, etc… anytime as you like using the app. So, it will be much better than storing it in your brain.


ID107 Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Wristband is a good option to consider, if you are looking for a complete virtual assistant who can make you tasks simpler by managing and tracking them 24×7. It costs about $17.59 that sounds like a quite affordable price for such a good product with a lot of functions and good design. So, you may give it a try.

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ID107 Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Wristband Review
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