NO.1 S5 Heart Rate Monitoring Remote Camera Smart Watch Review

NO.1 S5 Heart Rate Monitoring Remote Camera Smart Watch is one of the best virtual assistants that you can wear on your hands. The device is an all in one solution to tracks your daily activities without missing any of your important calls, messages, or chat sessions. It can monitor your Heart Rate, Sleep, Distance, Calories Burnt and many more things to make your feel comfortable with the exercises and timing. The device also offers various functions like Pedometer, Call, Message, Chat Messages Notification, Alarm, etc…

The No.1 S5 Smartwatch utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 technology to support the services like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and What and many other phones related operations. You will receive a notification everytime a message or call received on your phone. No worries where you are. The smartwatch will notify you about the calls and messages. You will never again miss an important call or message if you have this worn on your hand. You can also call them back remotely without having a touch on your smartphone.

NO.1 S5 smartwatch is equipped with the 3D touch screen with G-sensor that allowing a smooth and efficient touch on the screen. The touchscreen will even work under water as it is water resistant device. But, it is sensitive to the water if it is kept for a long time. But, no worries in light rain or accidental water drops. It can resist even small drops to the ground as it is made of high-quality materials with some good hardness.

NO.1 S5 Review: Design


NO.1 S5 Heart Rate Monitoring Remote Camera SmartWatch has a good design without a lot of design tweaks. The nice leather band is available three color variants. The leather band is made of high-quality materials that to protect it from water and dust. It will suit the hands very much with a good grip and quality of the materials. The round screen is surrounded by some stitches that also provides a pleasant look to the front portion. At the first look, it will be like a normal watch, but a closer look will output the real functions.

The 240 x 240 pixels 1.2-inch screen is good with the touch to control the operations. The screen can also recognise the different touch pressures with the 3D touch technology on the watch. As it is weighing only 0.050 kg, it will feel very light on the hands without making a discomfort like normal smartwatches.

Hardware and Performance


Looking inside, there is an MTK6261 chipset coupled with 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM. The tasks are very well managed by these three peripherals inside and show no lag in the performance. The device can help you maintain exercises by monitoring the Heart Rate, Calories burnt, ECG, etc… The Pedometer will accurately track the distance you travelled that will be very useful to maintain a pattern in your walking and running. As it is waterproof, no worries about the rain. You will never again force to stop your exercise when it is raining.

It also has a Remote Camera that can help you remotely manage your cameras using the Bluetooth technology. The Ring and Vibration alerts will notify about the calls and messages or even make you wake up at the correct time with the alarm function. The soft type vibration will only make you wake up without disturbing others. All are powered by a 350mAh Li-Polymer battery that can standby up to five days from a single charge. The fast charging technology on the No.1 S5 will only take about 3 hours to charge completely the watch.

While connecting to the Bluetooth devices, it will only take about 5 seconds with a success rate of 99%. UV monitoring can monitor the high UV lighting and can display the intensity on the device. So that you can protect yourself from dangerous UV rays from the sun.


NO.1 S5 Heart Rate Monitoring Remote Camera Smart Watch is a good option to consider whether you are Male or Female. The design is very suitable for any people for any occasions. As it is priced only $39.99, it is quite affordable too. All in all, it is a good device with nice specs and elegant design. So, it worths a try.

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NO.1 S5 Heart Rate Monitoring Remote Camera Smart Watch Review
8.9 Overall
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